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Discussion in 'Communications And Radio' started by Willetts, Jan 15, 2010.

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    hey, new guy here. Cant make up my mind for speakers. Either hogutnes with amp or the J&M 7.25. Cost is about the same. Anyone have experience with these 2? ANyone with 7.25's on here, how do you like them ? Would you honestly say you would buy them again ?

    Thanks . Need them for an 07 flhx
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    After reading 50 pages of posts on this topic on another site, I'm still not sure of the answer but I'd like to know also.

    Overall, it seems like the new J&M 7.25's were designed to give you a significant improvement over the stock speakers WITHOUT the need for an amp. Most guys said they sounded great even at 80 MPH and never needed to crank the volume all the way up.

    Several self proclaimed audiophiles scoffed at this and said if you wanted better sound then you absolutely needed an amp. I had a good laugh when one guy pointed out that these are the same people that do a 103 build on their motors and still think they need more power!
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    My new HogTunes are awesome & I didn't even go w/the amp. Guess my age is showing b/c I like listening to music, but not quite as loud anymore. Haven't taken them on a test run due to our winter season, but they were a huge improvement over stock when I ran the volume up in my garage. Not to knock J&M b/c I'm sure they're good quality too. I didn't want to spend a ton of ca$h on the stereo so I could have $ome for other bike mod$...it's a personal preference.
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    I've found that the garage test isn't very accurate. Let us know what you think when you get a chance to hear them on the open road when the weather improves.

    I had the same philosophy as you when I bought my J&M's. Everything I read supported the idea that simply upgrading the speakers gave you the most bang for the buck. An amp improves the sound a bit more but for a lot more incremental money. I just want to hear my tunes clearly at any highway speed I choose - I'm not interested in winning any Bike Stereo contests!
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    Well Dr. I've got the new 7 1/4s sitting down on the bench. They came about a week ago and I've been too busy (and too cold) to put them in.
    When I get them all mounted up, I'll let you know.
    I too was torn between the J & Ms and the Hogtunes...I even called to order my J & Ms with the idea of also buying the Hogtunes tweeter pod along with them. The guy where I ordered from tallked me out of it. He said that with the tweeters built into the grill of the 7 1/4s, it would be a waste of money.
    Of course, with my hearing as bad as it is, the whole thing is probabvly a waste of money!!!
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    Ok so ,this post is a usual one ,ive always stayed away from this question on radio upgrades , but I have done a few on my bikes over the years , and many cages I have owned and having sons 18-26 Ive done my share of radio upgrades, first off most of us are not real sound guys , if you are looking for the perfect sound it cant be done on a bike , the second thing is that 5.25 stock size speakers can only give so much quality no matter what brand they are they only can drive so much music then hit a wall they are mostly designed for highs and mids , so getting a good tone bass is somewhat restrictive , As far as all the companys out there making (motorcycle sound system upgrades at best they are medioca and for the money they get its just a plan rip off you can go to crutchfields online or Woofers ect.com and for that kind of money really do a upgrade on your bike , and as far as using marine type equipment its bolony ,Ive used regular car equipment for YEARS on my bikes with no problems of anysorts so dont believe the hype on using marine type of equipment. If you just want to improve your sound quality and hear your music ,I suggest you go to your local wallyworld and for $40.00 pick up a set of 5.25 Sony 4 way speakers they will sound just as good as or even a little more crisp then the hogtune speakers , I used a set of these for over 5 yrs with no problems at all , I just pulled them out and the only reason Ive done that because one of my sons did a upgrade on his car and gave me a set of real high grade set of 5.25 CMTs components with drivers so I insatalled them on my bike. The sound is nice, bass response is much cleaner for a 5.25 due to the fact they are components it gives the mids more room to handle the lows and having a separate tweeter making the highs a lot more crisp and clean being these speakers can handle more watts I bought a cheep 2 ch mini 300w mini amp for $20.00 ,yes it is a cheep amp and proberly has a big distortion and not really giving me 300 amp rate, but being the average joe it sounds clean to me and by amping it up Volume is never a issue. So my point is do what you want ,but dont think you are restricted to these So called motorcycle sound systems and if you don't think Im rite why is it that if you by a sound system from Biketronics ( there plug and play package) they send you a regular Sony 160w reciever(detach head unit). that you can buy for under $120. So what ever you due will be a upgrade from the stock speakers and sound better thats the bottom line.
  7. I have experience with the Hogtunes amp and speaker upgrade.
    I used this simple to install combo on my 2007 Street Glide for 3 years.
    Hands down this was one of the best upgrades for the money.
    I could set the cruise at 75 MPH and hear the tunes just fine.
    One day after shutting the bike off, I could hear a slight hiss coming through my speakers.
    I knew something wasnt right, so I pulled the batwing fairing off and sure enough, the amp was stuck in the ON postition. (The ON LED was lit)
    I diagnosed it with my VOM and found the amp turn on lead working correctly.
    I e-mailed Pez at Hogtunes and explained what I had encountered and that my amp was out of warranty.
    How much to repair it, was my next question to him.
    I received a phone call from Pez the next business day.
    He apologized for the problems I was having and asked if I still lived at my current address.
    I said yes I do and he said that he would send out a new amp ASAP.
    I asked him, well how much is this going to cost me and he said - Not a dime, just ship your old amplifier back to me as I'm really interested to see what the problem is.
    My amplifier was just over 2 years old - that's 1 year over the warranty period.
    The new amp arrived 5 days later and works like a charm :)
    Bottom Line Is.... HogTunes will stand behind there products!
    I'm really impressed by this and will continue to give them my business.
    I'll be buying the same amp and speaker upgrades for my new Ultra Limited this spring.
  8. Dr. Dolittle

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    Thanks for that awesome testimonial!

    I weight what I read on this forum a thousand times more than the "testimonials" you can read on any company's website.
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    I got a set of the J&M 7.25 inch speakers back in September. They made a huge difference over the stock sound. I don't run an amp, but understand that J&M is supposed to come out with an amp that is specific for these speakers some time this month. Installation was easy and my wife and I can both hear music fine and clear at 70 mph. We both feel that this was one of the best upgrades we have done to the bike so far.
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    I have a question about J&M and Hogtunes speakers. Are they a sealed unit ? Is all the sound is directed forward.

    The reason I ask is that I have the standard harley speakers and I was never happy with their performance. One day I decided to seal the back of the speakers. I did that with 1 inch fibre glass wrapped in a regular plastic bag and then used duct tape to seal it against the inner fairing.

    I quite surprised at the difference at 60-70 MPH. The mid to high range were clearer and I could understand the words. This may not be a miracle cure but it made a differance between listening or not listening at cruising speeds.