6 speed trans for a stock 88 tc,

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by lwirtz, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. lwirtz

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    Anybody do this swap yet. Would like change out 5 speed for 6 speed?
  2. silentflyer

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    If its a stock 88", might not have enough grunt for the difference.....stage 1 or better yet, stage 2, no problem....IMO....
  3. lionsm53

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    I would think that it would not be too hard to do. My friend rides an Indian, of which I think is similar to an 88 and put in an ultima 6 speed and says that he loves it.
  4. TQuentin1

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    Yes. Lots of folks have. I personally swapped the OEM 5-speed for a SE 6-speed. With all the bits and pieces needed to do the job, it came in a bit under $3K. Did the work myself which saved boucoup pesos! The job is a piece of cake. Just remember to support the engine before starting to remove the tranny.

    But if I had it to do again, I would go with the Baker DD6. They have a Builders' gear set that allows the use of the existing 5 spd case and just swap out the guts. However, you need to buy or borrow the tools necessary to do this. New, these will run almost a grand.

    There are other less expensive options for 6-spds with the Revtech being the cheapest I have found. This is also available as a gear set for around $800. But if you are planning to use the bike for lots of out-of-town touring, might want to consider a more robust option. That said, I am putting the Revtech 6-spd on my Dyna since it is just a run-a-round bike.

    If you are planning to do the work, make sure the first thing you get is an HD Factory Service Manual covering your model and year.


    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    ON my 2000 FXDS i bot a 6 spd gear set / trap door all set up for STOCK REPLACEMENT... FITTING IN THE HD CASE from JPcycle around 1200 or so hundred way back in?? 2002 / 03....

    I installed the gear set when i had the WHOLE engine torn down for a total build up of engine... .... THE tranny was in bike at the time i put the gear replacement into the STOCK HD CASE....GOOD FIT and I liked the quality of the gear set.

    IT was easy to install BUT

    the thing i did that was SMART::: NEVER NEEDING ADJUSTMENT AFTER THAT : I adjusted the shift forks to engage LOW gear with one(maximum) shift motion(went fully into gear)......... then to shift to second gear i used the (minimum) shift adjustment to engage it UP into second gear.......

    I did this KNOWING the shift to second, engine motion would PULL its self a little.....(this allowed full complete shifts up n down as other installers had a problem getting it right)

    THIS allowed the full range of shifting low to second and second to low without a problem..... take time to do this adjustment RIGHT...

    I PUT ON OVER 60,000 MILES ON THE TRANNY using REDLINE SHOCK PROOF HEAVY gear oil and NEVER EVER had ANY metal on the magnetic drain plug...... GOOD N EASY TO SHIFT....

    117,000 on bike and some one else has it now.... still trouble free....

    JP still offers that SAME gear set believe it or not ... I saw the price for 950$ a while ago...

    ALSO a inexpensive full gear box for under 1500... but buyer beware


    LIKE SARG said you might not have the POWER to utilize the FULL USE of 6 gear but I would install it and later IF YOU FEEL THE NEED to go with a few more ponies (95cu in.) ... the 6 gear will do you fine in your 88.... in normal 65 n up driving and I still used 5 under 65... it was the same as before....


  6. 6speed

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    Just did SE 6speed into my 06 RK,also did the 95" upgrade.It's a great combo,completely changed the motorcycle.If you like to cruise at 75 mph on your 88", you're gonna love it even more.I got good low end torque and can twist the right hand at 75 and be gone.Doing the 6speed and not beefing up the motor will dissapoint you.The extra motor work makes all the gears have a wider power range.Right now when I'm at 55mph I'm in 4th gear,65mph in 5th gear and at 75mph I'm in 6th and I got a lot of throttle left.

    Just to explain about this mod not being worth the money,very little about these bikes makes financial sense.Do what you want and you forget the expense when you hit the road.
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  7. cdn-bigfoot

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    I ride a 2006 Dyna Street Bob. Stock configuration is a 88 inch FI with a 6 speed. I believe it's the only year and model you find this stock set-up. I am stage 1 and still get far better mileage on the highway than all my friends running 5 speeds. On the highway, you can't beat a 6 speed!
  8. 6speed

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    You can do the 6speed upgrade and if you're happy with the power in 6th gear you leave the motor alone.If you are in an area where the highways are not hilly and mostly flat you could make it work.I live in the northeast and all the highways go up and down hills,so you need the extra umph to get up the hills when you're in 6th gear.