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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by stumpknocker, May 3, 2009.

  1. stumpknocker

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    The 5th gear in my new bagger is awful. Sounds like a wheel bearing going bad on a boat trailer. The bike is going in day after tomorrow for its 1000 mi service. If the dealer doesn't do something for this, it will be on ebay that afternoon. I have read about the straight cut gear stuff and I don't buy it. There is just no way Harley could design something like this and call it normal.
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    Well, welcome to the real world. I would suggest a change to either Spectro: Spectro Oils of America - Transmission Gear Oils
    Or Redline:
    Red Line Oil: Gear Lubricants
    Either one will quiet your transmission noise and make your shifting quieter and smoother.
    The 5th gear noise with the 6 speed is legend, and there are enough posts on the subject to start a library. Do a search, and you can spend the day reading.
    Bottom line, you'll get used to it. And the heavier oil will make things much much better.
  3. glider

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    Nothing the dealer can/will do about the 5th gear noise, it's just a very poor design. At least you aren't complaining about the clutch handle chatter OOPS, I shouldn't have told you about that one. :D.
    You're lucky you didn't buy the 07 and have to go for the $305 to get to where you are now. Change to the spectro and you will be happy then.

    Oil Suggestions For Harleys - Harley Davidson Community
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    Yeah, If I were you I would put it on Ebay and get rid of it. Go buy a jap bike, I hear their 5th gear is quiet. I kinda like my HD and the 5th gear noise so I will keep mine. Oh yeah, they run way too hot as well and will cook your leg right off. I don't know why I put up with this stuff...... sigh........ Just kidding. Keep your bike and ride it. And SMILE.
  5. Subby

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    I kinda like the 5th gear noise. With that and the little "6" on the dash I always know when I'm in one of the top gears. And by the way, I used to ride an 1800 Wing and it too had a whine... only it was the alternator. Just ride and enjoy your bike. After a while you won't even notice.
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    Well, I guess the gear box of the Touring is the same than my Dyna's....
    I also hear a different high pitched sound when in 5th gear, but it doesn't disturb me.
    Moreover it is a perfect indicator that I'm in 5th gear, the gear I use the most: you know, HD's don't have a gear lamp, except for the 6th gear (latest models only, I think...), so hearing THAT sound keeps me relaxed and with the feeling of having everything under my control! :p

  7. glw22041

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    I've got an 09 ULtra Classic, it to whines in 5th gear and also whines in 1st gear coming to a stop with the cluth disengaged. The brakes are a little touchier that my 883 was. I'm switching to the lubes recommended by members of this forum.

    I'll keep my Ultra and ride for many many happy whinning miles.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Uhh..."--they all do it..." is the standard response! :s Better slelection of lube that is slippery and "sticks to the internals gives better results than Syn3 from most all who deal with it.
  9. lv2ride56

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    Skip the Syn3 and go straight to Redline or Spectro. I went with Redline because I hadn't heard of Spectro yet. Changed and almost instantly noticed a difference in shifting and noise. At 14000 mile I don't notice any 5th gear noise any more. Maybe I'm just used to it but I recently switched back to stock headers and SE touring mufflers and still don't hear it.
    Good oil makes a huge difference.
  10. Devil Dawg

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    I used Mobil1 75W90 in the tranny of my 09 EGS the 5th gear whine is essentially non-existent.