'59 FLH 1200 Diagram needed.

Discussion in 'Classic Models' started by Yard Dogg, Mar 28, 2010.

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    My dad has a '59 FLH 1200. It has always been missing some of the parts for his timing advance cable inside the left side handlebar. I've asked him why he doesn't get the parts to install that feature, he says he doesn't know what all he needs. Just wondering if anyone may have an exploded view from a manual of the internal parts to make it work. Also does anyone have those things for sale or know where they can be found.
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    call don @ headhog.com he is in Ohio and if those heads have never been reworked and are stock but need a rebuild...he's the Guy to Talk with!

    get a V-Twin catolog they have all the parts you need! call great Plains cycle supply @ in Lincoln, Nebraska
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    go to :: Panhead and Flathead site ::. They have the panhead manual posted online. You will have to sign up. Go to forum, to Documentation, to shop manuals, then wherever you need to go!
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    Check this out:

    1959 Harley Davidson FLH-1200 OEM Parts, 1959 Harley Davidson FLH-1200 OEM Motorcycle Parts - BikeBandit.com

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    If you need parts call Kokesh Motorcycles@763-786-9050 they do restorations on Pans Flatheads and every thing else reall good folks:s