40 MPH winds.....

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by walt5162, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. walt5162

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    Well riding this weekend in ohio was great! 80+ degrees all weekend not a cloud in sight. Most of my riding this weekend was with a cross wind of 30 MPH with gusts at times 40-50 MPH.

    I really like the 09 mods HD has made to the touring models. The handling of the bike was really good, if not impressive.

    Seems the more I ride it the more I appreciate the new set up.

    Just wondered if anyone else felt the same or is it just my imagination! :yeahright

  2. Bud White

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    Don't have a 09 but boy was it windy we ran into a lot of it i swear one time i saw my speed drop over 15 miles an hour when a tandam Truck went by
  3. walt5162

    walt5162 Active Member

    I know... that happen to me several times.... scared the you know what out of my girlfriend.... she didn't see it coming!.. :D
  4. Riviera Reg

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    Walt - I currently own / ride an '08 Street Glide and for the most part don't have any major handling issues with the ride. A few weeks ago I rented a 2009 Road Glide in Florida and road 1,400 miles, some days in the wind through the Florida Keys.

    In my opinion there is no question that the improvements made to the '09 Touring models slightly improve the handling and ride. The '09 Road Glide seemed to be more stable in the cross winds and better "Planted" on the road when encountering changes in road surfaces, road camber, etc.

    I also noticed how stable the bike was during extended periods of 85-90 MPH riding on the interstate, as it never tried to wobble during lane changes, dirty air, in corners, etc.

    So it's not you imagination........The mods seem to help.
  5. DDogg

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    It was 80 also here in Michigan this weekend but windy ain't the word. I finally found out what solid wheels will do to ya in the wind. I was out enjoying the ride when the light changed to red. Stopped, put it in neutral, which I don't usually do but this is a long light. Relaxing, hands at my sides, enjoying the sun when a gust of wind came and grabbed my bike. I'm glad I was paying attention. I was really surprised how the wind moved my 700lb bike. Pushed it sideways against my leg. Grabbed the bars and straightened her back up. That was an eye opener. When crusing, I really didn't notice the wind, but standing still was a different story. Back to the 50's today but less wind. Always pay attention. 110% attention to what your doing and what's going on around you.
  6. chefron

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    I would have to agree with you walt. My only real point of reference is an 07 XL1200C Sportster. I didn't ride it as much as I would have wanted due to it ALWAYS being windy where I live in Wisconsin. My 09 SG feels like it's planted to the ground and the fork mounted fairing doesn't seem to mind the wind. Needless to say, I ride this thing everyday with no worries.
  7. JBK 1

    JBK 1 Banned

    Ohio here too.

    The wife and I went for a ride Saturday and at one point she said "Geeze!" as a gust hit us. Our 08 Heritage handled it like a champ and we probably wouldn't have noticed quite as much except for the fact that we were two up.

  8. Jim B.

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    Crazy weather for the past two weeks here on the central coast of California. Rode in 100 degree weather with wind last week and rode the same route this week in 45 degree weather, again with wind. Gusts up to about 45 miles an hour. My 09 Road Glide was very stable through it all. It might be just my imagination but it looked like riders on older Harleys were having problems dealing with the wind gusts.