31* here in Florida my EGC ran great!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Mavagrand, Jan 25, 2009.

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    Saturday morning left the house at 600 AM, it was 42*, heading to a hunting camp in Ocala. Three buddies from church were going along (they were inside a pick up), I decided to ride my scoot as this was a scouting run for a mens retreat in February and I want to test out my bike camping gear. I wanted to see if the bike handled the dirt roads. Anyway, I bundled up and felt pretty good as I left the house. However, on the way to Ocala, rode through the green swamp...the temp dropped to 31* and I swear my feet and hands were numb by the time we got to Eustis for breakfast. I was COLD. The bike however, seemed to love it..she ran strong and purred like a kitten. My oil temp gauge showed the oil barely got to 190* (you can bet I was curled around the engine) and the engine seemed to run quieter. Anyway, got to the camp..the roads were just too loose..bike got too squirrly for my liking so it will be the chevy in February. On the way back, temps got up to 75* much more to my liking.
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    Yeah, when it was cold here, I had a leather bandito mask, thermals, normal street clothes and full leather including heavy line coat, vest, chaps...was nice and toasty. Still, had to put my hands one at a time on the rear cylinder fins to keep them warm and dry to keep my face shield from fogging too much. My carbed bike likes the cold, I also like winter air, as it is very fresh and clean when riding at that low a temperature, just lucky that traffic was light with roads not to slick. :newsmile09:
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    31 thats light jacket weather tshirt at 42 .. yeah they do run a lot better in the cool weather
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    You won't be saying that come august, Bud:D
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    Maybe not but right now it is :)