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    I have an '09 FLHX with Rhinehart true-duals, HD Big Breather, SE Race Tuner, and stco 96" motor. I'm getting ready to put in HD 255 cams to hopefully give me some better low-end performance. I saw a post that recommended replacing the cam bearings with Torrington bearings. Which bearings should I replace (inner, outer, both)?
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    Welcome to The forum Harley Davidson Community Here is a good read that may answer come of your questions
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    Welcome aboard Shepwalker, I moved your thread to this section in order to get better responses. Not everyone reads the new member intros. :s

    Good luck.
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    I have a SE255 in my 09 FLHR (96") fully stage one with adjustable P-rods and a Dobecks TFI for my fueler...

    IF and When I go 103" or bigger, I will install PR Valves in the heads AND have a street port done by Dewey's Heads in Wa.

    The 96" bikes do really well with the SE255 cams.

    The Many here, Will suggest to replace the engine side cam bearings to torrington style.(full cage bearing touching bearing, No spacers) INA's are the stock ones.

    I NEVER changed mine and I'll get CHASTISED AGAIN here for doing What I Think is needed on my bike...

    The design on the 07 and up TC model, changed the block bearings for the cams from 7/8 to 1". I feel this is enough to handle the increase of the se255's.

    The cam-plate has no bearings on this newer model and you use Parent material (as a bushing) instead of a Ball or Roller bearing.

    I feel the INA bearing that HD put in the bike are good enough in MY book and I also like the Idea of a Spacer between the bearings that Holds more oil in there...

    Now the many will say change out to the full cage bearing... Nothing Wrong with doing that.

    I have NOT heard of Cam Bearings being a problem on the newer twin cam engines,,,Especially when harley comes out with 255's and uses their INA style bearing..:D

    Ask at your HD service and see How Many Bikes come in with cam-bearing problems???

    Virtually NONE..

    Your bike YOU decide...:s

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