2014 Ultra Limited Electical Bug

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by chiefjbb, Aug 3, 2014.

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    I have a '14 Ultra Limited with 1600 miles on it. After 10-15 miles in 6th gear, the speed drops to 0, the gear indicator goes to 1, and the check engine light comes on. The bike mechanically runs fine, temp stays in range, volts are good, etc. Then randomly it will all go back to normal, then go bad, then normal, and so on for the remainder of the trip. The only real consistent factor when this happens is the bike is in 6th gear when the bug shows its ugly little head.

    The scary part to this is it will also randomly cut off when I pull in the clutch while it's having this issue. If the speedo and all is working fine, the bike performs as normal.

    I have an appointment with my dealer this week to have it looked at. With my luck, the bike will be well behaved for them and they will not be able to find anything. Although I would assume that since the engine light came on it would throw a code of some sort?

    Is anyone else experiencing anything like this? This is my fourth HD, so I am fairly familiar with them. But I am definitely not a mechanic. Thanks for any input!!
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    2014's have a CAN BUS electrical system. Laymans terms, "computer controlled" wiring. Just hope your dealer has a tech that didn't sleep through that training class.
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    Wonder if battery cables were tighten properly during dealer prep before delivery???
  4. Harttoo

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    Find failure code by press and hold trigger switch at top of left control assy,while You switch ignition to on or accessory.Each time You press trigger switch it will step thru each function that can have code.If one has a y,there is a stored code.Hold the trigger switch to see code.Press trigger switch to step to next function.Hope this helps.:)
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    This should always be your starting point for electrical gremlins:s
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    Most likely they'll say "They all do that":newsmile100:
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Seems to me that was their answer on your last bike:s
    Shame on them for EVER saying this with the data base they have and the R&D HMMMMM makes you wonder