2014 Take Off Wheels on a 2011 Ultra Classic?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by lhgdale, Oct 26, 2014.

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    Hello, I got a great deal on a set of 14 limited take off wheels and new tires yesterday at a swap meet. I'm going to put them on my dads 2011 ultra with ABS. I have read some threads that say it's a direct bolt on and others that it will not. The 14 wheels have the factory rotors still attatched on front and rear. Will I need to transfer anything from my old wheels? New ones have bearings and everything already in them. My dad said he tried putting the front on last night but after torquing the axle nut to 65 ft lbs the wheel would not spin. He said all spacers were in the correct spots.

    Thanks for the help and info!!
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    Does your Dad have the service manual for his bike? There is a specific axle torqueing procedure for the front axle; was it followed? On the early models the right side fork has to be moved outward but the later models are the opposite. Push and hold right fork slider inboard until it contacts external spacer and tighten axle holder nuts and then torque the axle nut.

    Go to Ronnies Parts finder and check the PN for the '11 front wheel spacer and the '14 front wheel spacers. If the numbers are different, that is most likely the problem. When you see how much the MoCo charges for those spacers you might want to drop down the options listed below.

    I am not sure if '14 wheels are a direct bolt up to an '11 model but would think so. Both bikes having ABS means the bearings are the same, so those are not an issue. Is he sure that the spacers were re-installed on the correct side? If the spacers are the correct spacers and the axle torqueing procedure has been followed and the wheel is not spinning, the rotors are not centered in the calipers. You have several options to dial in the fitment.

    First, remove the calipers and see if the wheel spins freely; if not, there is something wrong with the install. If it does spin freely, rotor to caliper alignment is the problem.

    1. Shim the calipers to align over the rotors.
    2. Shim or trim the wheel spacers as required.
    3. A combination of #1 and #2.

    I have installed later model wheels on early model bikes and have had to space or trim wheel spacers and/or change bearings (ABS vs non ABS) every time. But when done, the wheel should spin freely.:hii