2014 Road KIng 10,000 mile review

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by hillbilly81, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. hillbilly81

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    well just did my 10,000 service I am really loving the bike this is my first touring model since my 77 FLH...the only problems I have had was a sensor plug in the tranny that had a pinched o ring that started leaking at 900 miles. The dealer came too my home picked it up and fixed it no charge and brought the bike back to me at home and I have had the front lever on the heel and toe come loose and slip on the spline and had the lever on the shifting rod come loose and slip I got both of these problems lined out now and working good...I guess I was stomping to hard on the heel shifter. I had the same thing happen years ago on my 98 heritage so guess I might be a little hard on them....but I love the ride and the power of my king this may be the last 2 wheel Harley that I own I am gonna be riding it for a long while till I can not hold one up any more..then probably go 3 wheeler down the road..just thought I would share some info...Happy riding to everyone
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    There is nothing better than riding with a bike that you really enjoy. I am sure you can attest that the improvements of the new versus the old bike make the enjoyment factor 100% better.....:s
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    Happy to hear your loving the scoot, They do seem to put a smile on one's face.:D
  4. Mavagrand

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    Good to hear you're enjoying your ride. I've ridden many happy miles on mine, especially since I paid her off.
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    It's always good to hear a good review from a happy Harley Davidson owner.
    Did you get the performance upgrades and the tune as soon as you bought it, or did you break it in a little first?