2012 FLSTC Dyno run

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by softail41, Jul 17, 2012.

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    Well I finally did it! Last week I rode the heritage 460 miles north to Tennessee to have it dyno tuned. So, here are the numbers:

    H/P = 73.2
    T/Q = 95.4

    I was hoping for a little better, but I guess this isn't too bad. What do you guys think?

    The added components are as follows:

    S. E. Pro Tuner (of course)
    S. E. Air Filter
    V&H Big Shots long

    On the way to Tennessee, I averaged 45.6 MPG and on the way back I got 46.8. A slight change for the better on mileage that I was not expecting and it is so slight it may be explained by me picking better gas stations (purley accidental) on the way back?

    Anyway, she sounds better, runs better, and runs cooler! Overall, I am a very satisfied customer...nearly broke, but satisfied! :bigsmiley12:
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    For the added components it looks like you got pretty good bang for your bucks. The torque #s are super.
  3. Hoople

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    2 things.
    1) Don't look at peak numbers. Look at area under the curve.
    That is more important than peak numbers.

    2) If a HD dealership did the work, your open loop A/F ratio still meets EPA requirements which is something like 13.5 to 1. There hands are tied.
    You have more left in the engine with a "performance" tune.