2011 FLTRU value/issues

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ZZroadking, Jun 29, 2014.

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    Hello brothers/sisters. It has been a while on the site. I sold my 05 RK last fall (high mileage and needing tensioner upgrade, not to mention both tires). I am looking at a 11 Road Glide Ultra at this time. 10k kms, Merlot, V&H Monster Oval slippons, no flash, luggage rack on pack with brake light, top bag guards and the best upgrade is the extended warranty till spring 18.
    Looking at $18,500 Canadian ($17,500US) buy price from the owner?? any thoughts on price or potential issues would be appreciated.. Thanks
  2. TLWiz

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    Sounds like a fair deal to me as long as the bike is in nice shape.
  3. dbmg

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    With a transferable Harley extended warrty that is definitely a bonus. Price seem to be ok. The bike would be much more comfortable over the King and allow for longer trips.
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    My son has one with about 25,000 miles. He added the TP lights. The total of his issues: The clock in the radio gains or loses (I can't remember which) a surprising amount for an electronic clock. The shift arm on the transmission was loose from the factory. The engine strut (top of the engine to the frame) was slightly loose from the factory. The two bolts on the bottom of the transmission chrome cover (right side) which also hold an exhaust pipe support seeped oil and needed to be snugged, now no oil seep. He hated the factory wheels due to difficult air valve access. Everything else including the ABS has been trouble free. He scored a set of 5 spoke, cast Street Glide wheels and now has easy access to the air valves. He loves it. So far, the factory "SE Compensator" is smooth and quiet. While individual machines vary, based on his experience you should be well pleased. I have no idea how competitive the price is. He typically gets just under 50 mpg on his daily commute to work, primarily urban expressways running around 60 mph (stays with the traffic flow).
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    Thank you for your response(s). I appreciate the positiveness. Glad to hear your son has worked it through the hiccups.

    Well I did the deal!!. Bike is insured and in the driveway. No doubt very excited on my new ride. Rode 200 kms on it so far. Taking it down to Walker, Mn area Monday.
    It certainly is better handling than my RK although being heavier.
    Happy 4th of July, thanks again.