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Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by roadchaser, Jul 22, 2011.

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    I have a 2010 streetglide with a 2-1 slip-on exhaust.What other slip-on could i buy that would give me a better or deeper harley sound along with some performance?I now have the screaming eagle slip-on.It's just to quiet and sounds to raspy when you hit the throttle.Does t-header header make a slip-on to fit this? Thanks in advance
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    roadchaser; 2010 was 1st year for EPA mandated catalytic converter(s) (CAT) in HD exhaust & same year HD engineers tried this 2-1 set-up in touring/baggers. Guess there's two strikes against you...:p

    Seriously, I'd recommend gutting CAT from header pipe, or swapping exhaust w/aftermarket system (Rinehart, V&H, D&D, Bub, etc.). Although $pendy, you'll get the throatier HD sound & increased performance. I'm particular to dual pipes on bagger (my preference) so I scoured internet for good deals & found set of NIB Bub-7 TD's on eBay (~$325) which was fantastic deal. You can find discounts - just got to be patient. If you prefer 2-1 set-up, many riders like the D&D FatCat or V&H Pro Pipe...can't go wrong w/either. Good luck w/your search & keep us updated.
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    When purchasing a slip on what is the better 1.75", 2", or 2.25", thinking of getting the B&E slipons. I have the gen3, k&n a/f. Could a person just cut out the cats and leave stock exhaust for cool down or is that still not enough