2010 Street Glide w/21"

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    I'm selling my 2010 Street Glide as it sits. It has 11,000+ miles on it, and last mod I did to the bike was an air-ride. I have personally done a lot of mods to the bike, and not some dealer who runs on a time clock. It is a great bike and whomever buys the bike will be getting a great deal. I'm also including a lot of the stock parts that came off the bike.

    Here are some of the mods I have done to it.

    Yaxle (Front Axle)
    21" PM Gasser Front wheel w/rotors
    Sinister Bags
    Sinister Rear Fender
    Sinister License Frame
    Sinister Rear Lights
    Powder Coating
    Cyclesmiths 21” Floorboards
    PM Foot Brake Lever
    PM Foot Shift Lever
    C&C Solo Seat
    Progressive Suspension Front (lowered 1.25")
    ThunderMax ECU w/Autune
    Dragula Header/Exhaust
    RSD Air Cleaner
    Painted Inner Fairing
    J&M Speakers/Amp (250w)
    Krome Werks 12” x 1 1/4 Bars
    Arlen Ness Handlebar Mirrors






    I'm selling it for $19,000 OBO.
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    That is one pretty scoot.

    Good luck,
    Rich P
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    Looks incredible!
    Good luck with the sale.