2009 Touring Headpipe Mod

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  1. Grillfish

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    For those with an 09 CVO or Cali touring models, this is an interesting link on how big those cats are.

    Fulsac now providing a service to remove the cat in the headpipe.
    Fullsac Performance - 2009 Headpipe Modifications - Lake Havasu City, AZ

    I've heard they also have a new headpipe using OEM heat shields if you want to install the OEM headpipe w/ cat back in if something comes up.

    Jackpot also is producing a new headpipe, using OEM heat shields.
    Jackpot 2/1/2 Headpipes

    I think folks with a non-cat headpipes only seeing minimal increases switching to these new "X-piped" headers, but those switching from a cat headpipe seeing 10+ hp/tq.

    Have fun and ride safe!
  2. WildThang

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    09s??? I thought only the 2010s had the cat in the pipe...
  3. silentflyer

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    I think the California bikes have had them for severl years.
  4. Grillfish

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    I saw a pic of Fulsac's new headpipe. Looks awesome! Some folks on the CVO site put them in and they like the results.

    Some folks tried to core our the cat through the ride side header exit, but they never got it all due to the shape of the header (fills the collector section fully). The pic of the header also give you a good look on how the front/rear headpipe collects.

    Ride safe and have fun.