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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by motor, Mar 25, 2015.

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    Few days ago I started my bike and heard an unusual rattle out of primary. Long story short the magnets have come out of the alternator rotor and made a big mess in primary .Also clutch hub splines are coming apart .Bike has 18,000 miles on it ........sheese ...Any advice on sourcing parts ..One part the dealer really bothers me on is the ball bearing in clutch hub for 89 some odd dollars .The hub , compensator , chain and other bearings and seals are what I intend to replace. I have looked at Ronnie's hd for schematic and pricing ..just wondering about maybe other choices
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    You can try Surdyke and Kutter for the OEM parts. Usually around 20% savings. Gasket kits and such I find the Cometic or James kit part number that is needed and head over to Amazon and see what can be found.
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    Appreciate the response and other possible sources .Even though I don't mind paying for clutch hub and compensator from Harley .It bothers me that what looks to be a 20 dollar hub bearing (ball bearing) is 89 dollars from Harley. I haven't pulled bearing out of hub yet ,but I was thinking just get a good quality one from a bearing supply house .Good or bad idea...
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    If you have a bearing number you can check other sources, Harley out sources these and most of their parts
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    I find M and M have very good prices. I usually buy from Mark.
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    I was thinking Baker sells bearings too, but not positive.
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    That is a double row angular bearing and not a place to make a mistake with a bearing not fit for he application. Newcastle H-D sells the 36907-90 for about $70, plus shipping. Pretty sure you can find the Koyo 5207 or the SKF 3207-A for between $30-$40 looking on line; you won't find it for $20 anywhere.:s
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    I think that's a good idea I replaced my bearing from a local bearing supply shop with the same exact brand for half the price of the Harley dealership
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    Well I replaced all the pieces in the primary with oem HD stuff,including the clutch hub bearing I had questioned the price of .I upgraded to the Screamin eagle compensator but went back with the oem auto primary chain adjuster. I'm not going to be the guy to hold the brake and give it throttle as some have suggested as a way to tighten primary chain .I've had it back together a couple weeks and it is smooth with minimal primary noise .Time will tell how it all works out for me .SO far :D BTW I would recommend Ronnies Hd for decent pricing,and rapid parts delivery .It's too bad the local HD dealer wouldn't at least get close to Ronnie's pricing..........But they wouldn't.
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