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    I have a 2008 Sportster 1200c. At around 500 miles, the battery was dead. Hooked up to HD Supersmart Battery Tender - for a couple of days - no dice. Harley came and picked up and about a week later had it running - they were not clear in what they did. I was concerned that I saw corrosion on the fuses and relays. I mentioned it to the tech and they said they would take care of it.

    Now I am at around 1200 miles - I was getting ready to bring in for 1000 oil change. I hadn't ridden bike for 4 days. Battery dead again. Hooked up to charger over night - did not charge up enough to start. Contacted Harley - they were going to pick up - then it got delayed. I was annoyed so went and go cleaner and Dielectric grease. I pulled fuses, relays and cleaned connections and contacts (and battery terminals) I greased and tightened everything. I set the bike up on the charger. One day later - seemed to be holding better charge - but not enough to start. Second day, when I flipped the run switch, the injector actually kicked in, but not enough to turn over bike. Later that day - charger went green - so I thought I would try to start. Injector worked, bike turned over - had to do a couple of times to get started.

    I rode bike around for about 45 minutes. I turned it off, and it started again - not a quick turn over, but eventually.

    The only mods I have - relocated tail lights, and added HD remote garage door opener kit. I also cleaned corrosion and grease fuses, relays, and terminals.

    So my question - Is it normal for battery to go dead if the bike is not used for 4 days? Could this have happen because of corrosion - read a couple of things on net that led me to that?

    I am still bringing in or HD to do oil change, but I am disappointed that this happened twice on a new bike. Thoughts? Input?

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    NOT normal. It should hold a charge for weeks with no problem. Recheck your wiring on the light to see if anything is incorrectly installed or grounded. The corrosion very well may have caused the problem or at least added to it. With the corrosion, there is resistance and possibly the power wasn't getting through the panel.
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    Hey rmcheher, I also have a 2008 1200 custom and no it is not normal for a battery to go dead after 4 days. I am a marine diesel mechanic and electrition by trade. You either have a bad battery or a ground problem. I have had one thing electrical happen and that my speedometer just went dead while comming to a stop, which also caused the check engine light to come on. Ideal speed control. Moved the wiring harness around and problem solved for now. I would tell the dealer to replace the battery or at least load test it. Good luck
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    update - I ran the diagnostics and seems I get
    the following codes:

    I am wondering if anyone can direct me to what these means. Searching here looks like 61121 leans towards open circuit on left turn signal. I am wondering I screwed something up in my rear turn signal relocation?

    Any input is appreciated.

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    Ok - clearly I am a novice here - looks like 6 is b
    b0563 Battery Voltage High
    b1121 Right Turn Output Fault
    b1122 Right Turn Output Open
    b1154 Clutch Switch Input Short to Ground
    b1131 Alarm Output Low
    b1132 Alarm Output High
    b1134 Starter Output High
    b1135 Accelerometer Failed

    sounds like something is up with right turn signal - but I don't have an alarm and some of the codes refer to that.
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    This is the one that would concern me... not sure how your turn signals mods could cause this to happen.

    Usually, this occurs when the Voltage Regulator is not doing its job of regulating the "juice" from the Stator. I'd let them know you're seeing this one, have them verify the charging system.

    Also... there's potential that if the V.R. was bad for awhile... the high levels of DC could potentially damage the battery, causing it to not to want to hold a charge.

    I would (obviously) make sure there's not a problem with the other stuff, but that High Voltage could be making systems go haywire.
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    My 2008 Sporty battery is dead as (edit) with only 261 miles on the scoot.
    It can be charged back up to 12.3 volts but the instant you unhook the charger you can watch the battery voltage start dropping. I think its a
    defective battery issue.


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