2008 SG low idle or stalls when hot: remedy so far is...

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by craig Lee, Feb 21, 2016.

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    Hello All
    It's been a while and Mz Bling gives all her best! :) My 2008 SG just turned 87,000 miles and I've been having several issues which I thought would be beneficial in what I think could be the remedy for some. About 86,000 miles the speedometer was acting erratic and my bike had low idle (500-600 rpms) or even stalled when approaching stop lights when hot. I replaced the VSS and ETS in the front cylinder which solved the speedo gig but was still having issues with the idle when hot. I've been reading about cleaning the IAC in which in 2008 they MOCO replaced it with the TMAP. I did that with carb cleaner, tooth brush and air without any success for the idling when hot. On Friday, I replaced the TMAP with a new one and so far, everything is back to normal with the idle. For 40 minutes on Friday, I heated the bike up and would let it set idling for 5 minutes idling and would ride a few yards, let sit idling for 5 minutes, ride a few yards, etc. Yesterday, Saturday, Mz Bling and I rode 100+ miles in which 70 miles home from the beach were purposely all back streets to see what would happen with the idle. So far, so good with the idling. If there any new developments, I will add to this thread. Have a great 2016 all!
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    Thanks for sharing. Posts like this help other members sort their problems.
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    Very interesting the hot stalling issue. Sounds like what mine was doing recently as documented in this thread 2007 Road King 103" Stalling at Idle When Hot
    After I replaced the IAC which did not remedy the issue, I took it to the dealer for diagnostics. They could not find any cause and could not make it stall, and its been fine ever since. Go figure.
    Anyway thanks for sharing and hope yours continues to behave.
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    Great to hear from you & Mz. Bling again. :) Glad to see you are both doing well, other than the idle issue. ;) Take care!
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    Rod, has your bike had this recall done?

    Bulletin # M1186

    A recent refinement to the ECM calibration of 2007 Big Twin model motorcycles will smooth the torque curve application in a manner that minimizes high shock loads to drive train components, which could cause engine damage. For example, high shock loads could result from lugging the engine during hard acceleration while operating under 1500 RPM. This refinement enhances the drive characteristics for the new Twin Cam engine and, on some modes, improves fuel economy during certain steady state driving conditions.

    Since Harley-Davidson is committed to a course of continuous improvement, this ECM calibration change was recently incorporated into all 2007 Big Twin model motorcycles on the production line.

    Furthermore, in the interest of promoting customer satisfaction, Harley-Davidson has decided to offer a current production equivalent ECM calibration upgrade at no charge to all owners of 2007 Big Twin model motorcycles manufactured prior to implementation of the calibration change. This offer includes stock production, Police and CVO motorcycles, and also those that have subsequently had P&A street legal performance calibrations installed. This calibration upgrade offer is valid from now to the end of the motorcycle’s warranty period. I believe this is what destroyed my 07 Streetbob
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    Don't believe so Jack but thanks for this. First I have heard of this bulletin.
    When I took it in for the diagnostics one thing they discovered is that it had a Race Tune installed. And since I don't have the SERT that is married to the VIN there is apparently no way to load in a standard 103" tune or any other HD tune. From what I understand a TTS or something similar could completely reflash the ECM, but I have not taken that jump yet.