2008 FXDF stopped charging

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by mharrigan, Jun 23, 2010.

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    I have a 2008 FXDF that had the check engine and battery light come on and then went off after a restart, but by the time I got home the battery would not start the bike. I checked voltage at the battery with the bike running and it stays right around 12.2 volts, maybe jumping up to 12.4 with the engine at 3000 RPM

    I checked the 3 pin stator output connector and get 20 to 25-30 volts AC depending on RPM across any two of the three pins - I also have .2-.3 ohms between any two of the three pins and .2 to .3 ohms from any of the three pins to ground and no bad smell from the engine oil...... so I think my stator is good - that said my dealer says the stators fail 4 times more often as regulators so I want to be be sure my diagnosis is correct

    I did the regulator check discussed elsewhere on this board (VOM from the battery negative to the regulator with the regulator and stator disconnected) one pin on the regulator started with 4 volts and slowly dropped to .3 volts - the other pin started at 1.3 volts and dropped to zero - does this show that the regulator is bad.... I hope! Please let me know if I am correct in thinking its the regulator, thanks folks!
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    If your checking continuity between the stator pins and ground, it should read no continuity, any continuity means a bad stator. AC output should be 32-46 volts AC at 2000 rpm. I agree with your dealer, stators do fail more often, but run the tests to be sure.