2008 FatBoy and Pipes: Opinions Needed

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by CavCPT, Mar 18, 2009.

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    Assistance Needed:

    I like the sound of my stock pipes but would like something louder with a good deep gutsy sound. If I get a few extra horseys or a bit more torque that would be great. However, I still have to be able to get around a military installation without getting kicked off for excessive noise. Therefore, I need to find a happy medium.

    I was about to purchase a set of Vance and Hines StraightShot slip-ons when the guys at PipeCity.com convinced me to look at the V&H Shortshot Staggards, their "number one selling FatBoy pipe". I like the look and it shows off that FatBoy 220 rear tire but won't I loose some considerable HP? I can't imagine how I wouldn't since I'm going from the factory 2-2 with a crossover to a straight 2. Furthermore, wouldn't the sound of those shorties be excessively loud? Anyone have any experience with these pipes?

    Before summer I'll be purchasing a Power Commander and Stage-1 kit so it doesn't matter if its slip-ons or a complete system, I'll be able to remap.

    Any other pipes I should consider? Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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    the shotshots with air cleaner and remap will make more power than the stock setup. however, i would think that a stage 1 with slip ons would make even more, since you'd have the headpipes with crossover working to your advantage.
    yes, the shortshots are definately loud. in addition to loud, they do not produce a deep rumble - more of a sharp sound. big shots long do produce a nice deep rumble.

    If I were you, I'd check out what all of the major aftermarket exhaust manufacturers have to offer. If you're looking for the most power, go with a 2-1. if you're going for looks, then just buy whatever you think is cool. vance and hines makes quiet baffles, which may be a benefit for you.
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  3. JustDave

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    cycle shack slip ons 2 1/2 od. cheap ($189) and a nice sound (loud in fact)
  4. dadoubleren

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    Rush 2.5 Slip-ons really good sound but it is noticeably loud but not excessive gives it that Harley sound!!
  5. oilman1994

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    i agree w/hobbit i had them on my sporty and they are LOUD!!!! even for the rider they are very loud b/c of how short they are.
  6. barnak

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    I just install S&S slip ons tapered on my 08 Heritage, sound great and are almost identical to the original.
  7. Veep

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    I have a pair of Screaming Eagle slip-ons for my 2003 Night train along with the rest of the stage 1 mods. They are deep, mello and quiet. They only seem to kick up the noise when you jump on it hard. The V&H pipes I have been around are very loud. i recently purchased a pair of V&H Big Shot Staggered for my 2009 Night Train with the "quiet" baffles. I don't have them installed yet but I will keep everyone posted on how they sound.
  8. slimjim47

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    Every set of V&H I've heard sounded like the old burned out glass packs on cars of the 70's. Personally, I think they sound terrible.

    As much as the Screaming Eagle's get talked about for being too mellow they actually sound pretty good on a motor that has a full stage 1. I listened to a set on a Duece recently, full stage 1, and they sounded really deep and throaty.

    The Rush slip-ons also have a nice deep throaty sound to them.

    Too each their own I guess when it comes to sound. As long as the bike doesn't sound like a John Deere tractor, like way too many do these days. It seems it's really hard to get the right sound with these new high idling FI motors.
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    I have the V&H Big Guns staggerd on my fatty and had them mapped off the V&H 2 into 1 pipes just because I like two pipes. The sound is deep and just loud enough. I don't need flack on performance, but for whatever reason I picked up 3 hp over the 2 inot 1's,,,,,, yes I know it doesn't add up, but facts are on the print outs.
  10. Davidw2415

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    I have V&H Longshots on my FB and like the way they sound and look and have gotten several compliments from other riders.