2007 Softail shuts down at cruise

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by davel1971, Sep 18, 2008.

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    Hope someone can steer me in the right direction. My 07 FXST shut down while driving at 60mph. Did not sputter, just died. Only light on was oil light and speedo went to zero. Started right back up, thankfully. Check engine light proves out so i guess no codes. Hoping to solve this before making the 3 hour ride to York,Pa open house next weekend. Thanks.

  2. glider

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    I would do the diagnostic code check to be certain of any codes first.

    08 07 DTC Codes - Harley Davidson Community

    After that it's difficult to diagnose over the net. Could be a number of things like crank sensor up by the oil filter or many other sensors, not to mention a bad tank of fuel with water in it.
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    Recently had similar issue with my 08 Heritage. 3 instances in about 3 weeks, first was just a short 1 to 2 seconds of the motor just shutting down and then back on. 2nd time, fire went out one day shifting into 2nd. Stopped switched ignition off and on, nothing. Tried it 2 or 3 times more times, still nothing. Everything else was on, lights etc. Reached up and turned the kill switch off and back on, and it fired right up. Couple weeks later I was going down a Interstate entry ramp at about 70, shifted to 6th and fire went out. Hit the kill switch off and back on real quick and it re-fired as soon as the fuel hit cylinders. Called dealer told tech about it. Both of us agreed it seemed to be a bad kill switch although he said he's never seen a bad one. Took it in, he ran the codes and found none. He put a new kill switch on it, actually he replaced the entire right hand switch module. I've run about 2500 miles since and no issues. I feel my problem is resolved, just putting this out there for you as something to consider. Good Luck.
    - dorr
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    Dorr, your experience sounds excatly the same. The only difference is I went to my dealer yesterday afternoon and they said they have has lots of 2007 and some 2008 models with bad switches. Your dealer says have never seen it. I have an appointment to have them replaced.