2007 Road King engine cutting out at speed

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  1. Had the bike out last week in the country side, all warmed up, been riding for a good 3 hrs already, then In the span of 5 miles the engine cut out and died 4 times with no warning. Twice at low speed in 2nd gear. Twice at 55 mph. First two times I pulled over, put in in neutral and it fired right back up. Last 2 times (higher speed)I just pulled in the clutch, hit the starter button and again it fired right up.
    Pulled over after fourth cut out. Turned everything off and back on. It fired right up and for the next 3 hrs home, not a problem.
    Took it to the dealer. Could not duplicate and no error codes were thrown.
    Its a 2007 TC96 Road King Classic. I had the battery and plugs replaced just for good measure, but I am not getting a warm fuzzy over this. Planning on going to Laconia in a few weeks and I dont want the engine to die in the wrong place and take me with it.

    3 seperate dealers say they can do nothing until it happens again.

    Anyone have any ideas? Anything preventive I can do ?

    Thanks in advance
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    Check/clean your battery connections and your plug wires to see if they are snapped on to the plugs completely. Also check the plug tips to be sure they are tight too.

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    Someone just mentioned about a HEAT Sensor that causes this Same condition on theirs..... I thought it to be His crank position sensor but it turned out to be the engine heat sensor.... Simple and a Cheap repair...

    ???? on your problem but this might be easy to check and replace...

    Hoople is the man here.... Com'on Hoople...

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    Hello I have a 07 Road King also and my bike was doing the very same thing, Took it to Smokin Harley in Winston Salem and the Technician called Harley. They said to replace the run/kill switch on the handel bars...Worked!! I hav'nt had a problen since. Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks, all good inputs I'll look into it.:D
  6. Hoople

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    Did the ECM grab a code or two? :p

    I'm trying Bubbie don't have much to go on.
    No mileage, did not say it was stock, any fuelers, stock map, etc etc
  7. No ECM codes
    17,000 miles
    Stock Map
    Stock bike, no performance mods

    I know its not much to go on. I just hate to have this show up again when it could become dangerous. The dealer(s) seem clueless.


    Actually I take that back, it got the HD oil cooler put on last year......but thats it
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