2007 RK quits in traffic after riding on interstate

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by cgosling, Jun 27, 2009.

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    I have been riding a 2007 FLHRC for about a month, and have recently replaced the VSS unit which was going bad and the Rear O2 sensor, because I was getting the P0152 error code. I am not sure the later was necessary but decided to do it anyway since I had to pull the starter and it was low hanging fruit.

    Today I went for a 200 mile ride without a hitch until the last 10 miles. I rode the last 60 miles at 75 to 80 mph on the freeway instead of the scenic route, when I got off the interstate and in town traffic she didn't want to idle at traffic lights. She was running unusally slow at idle and once the engine stalled altogether... any sage advice? I have notice the slow running from high speeds to low speeds in the past.

    Could it be an altitude thing since the bike cam from dallas and I live in the hight desert 5800 feet.

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    The map sensor should adjust for the altitude but I would suspect possibly the crank position sensor up by the oil filter or even the map sensor itself being bad. It doesn't take much to whack them out when changing the oil. It's basically a magnetic pickup and can get fouled the same as the VSS can. May be worth popping out and have a look. The VSS can also give you those problems you are having too or a bad connection to it.
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    The bike is all standard equipment has no been modified at all. The bike has the standard hd ecm and the rest of the bike is totally stock. I have changed all of the fluids, spark plugs, 2 weeks ago so I had a known starting point.

    Yesterday I replaced the vss, and rear O2 sensor. That's it, and it runs pretty well I got 50 mpg running the first 120 miles from 5000 ft elevation to 8500 ft elevation. I was in 4th gear most of the time, rarely could I get in 5th and most of the time I had to shift down into 3rd.

    There are no error codes even after it stalled. I am pretty sure that the VSS was going bad when I replaced it. The P0152 error caused me to replace the rear sensor, although I think the VSS was the culprit there, but as I said earlier it was low hanging fruit.

    This tendency after high speeds to for the engine to turn very low idle speeds, doesn't make a lot of sense. It completely quit running (stalled) at 3rd or 4th light. I picked up the idle with my throttle, and by the time I went 10 miles it had settled down back to normal.

    BTW I am running Chevron premium in my bike, I tend to get the best mileage out of chevron or shell.

    I think it runs a little rougher at low RPM and extremely smoothly at normal speeds such as 55 to 85 mph in 5th or 6th gear.
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    Fuel filter is my guess, especially the sporadic nature of your problem.....
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    Fuel filter would give you problems at higher speeds too not just idle. There is more gas flow at higher speeds than low or idle.

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    CGOSling, we need a little more information before we can help, When the bike dies sometimes it helps to know what IS working...headlights and turn signals work? When you turn on the ignition, do you hear the fuel pump pressurize? Does starter engage "normally" and spin the engine easily with little headlight dimming, or is it labored or slow? How hot was it when this happened. Could you have picked up bad fuel or had some subtle maintenance done (washed the bike for instance) or added an accessory where wiring, covers or handlebar/controls were moved?