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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Azharley68, Jun 11, 2013.

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    I just purchased a used 2007 FLHTCU with a 103 big bore kit. It is stalling out or trying to when I come to a stop. I have been told by the HD dealer that it is in "parade" mode and needs to be either remapped, new updates downloaded to it or bypassed. What is parade mode? I am in Tucson, Az where it is triple digits in the afternoon and have been told that this affects the performance of the bike. My only other HD was a 2007 electra glide standard that had no upgrades and I could ride anytime of the year. Can anyone clarify this for me and let me know whether or not I bought a lemon or if HD can actually clear this up? Thanks for any advice.
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    Parade mode is when the engine temps reach a certain degree (I think 270* or 275*) and you are idling in traffic or a "parade", the rear cylinder will not fire. It's used more like an air pump to keep the motor cooler. As soon as you give it some gas the parade mode is cancelled and both cylinders fire as normal. It shouldn't stall out in parade mode though. The dealer can cancel your parade mode so it doesn't come on at all, if you don't like it. On the newer models, we can cancel it ourselves.
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    First welcome to the forum. Next if you don't have a manual that should be your first purchase. Finally I would be cleaning the IAC (idle air controller).
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    Thanks for all of the tips fellers....going to do some serious reading on this and see what I can do. HD dealer did call me back today also saying that they were going to check the timing on it because when the stalling occurred, it was when coming to a stop and the rpm's dropped to about 750-800. I am not sure why that would happen but that is what happened to cause me to take it back and get some answers.
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    Like Don mentioned, the IAC getting dirty was a problem for '07's. I've cleaned every one of my friends because they stalled when coming to a stop. There was also a factory download called "Torque Smoothing", that addressed idle problems. Another thing to notice is if your speedo quits and or a turn signal comes on just before it stalls. That problem is usually the vss (speed sensor) dirty or going south.
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    Harley Davidson Forums Here is a link to the Torque smoothing download, you can call your dealer and give them the VIN to see if your bike is affected by the recall