2006 Sportster Diagnostic Codes

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by SJPhil, May 16, 2012.

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    Thanks Mr. Data for providing diagnostic codes for a 2000 Sporty. I have a 2006 and followed your instructions. The part I don't get is how, after toggling through the 4 different choices (P,S,SP and t), does one view the various d## results? All I get is "nonE" and if I hold the reset button, it clears (at least I assume it clears). I repeat the process and the same things happens.

    I'm assuming the results I get means that the diagnostics program is either not picking up any errors or is "in spec." BTW, I'm attempting to pin down the part that is causing my speedometer from displaying the correct speed. Cleaned the VSS and that stop the needle from jumping all over the place (all around the proper speed). Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
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    "None" means there are no codes in that category.
    Take a look. The PDF is for a 2007 Sportster but it should be the same as yours.

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