2005 Road King Cruise Control Problem

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    I purchased a used 2005 Road King Custom without Cruise Control. I purchased the cruise module on ebay and installed custom apes from Hill Country Customs with the proper switches and wiring and and new braided cables. I installed everything and did a cable lash initialization and everything set up as the instructions said it would. Despite this, I can not get the cruise to set. I have unhooked the wires to the idle cable sensor and I still get nothing. My brake lights function properly also. When I turn on the cruise the red light comes on the speedo and when I do the cable lash procedure the green light comes on as is specified. I have checked codes and the only on the shows up is the vss sensor. I changed it and still nothing. The old one had no shaving and was clean. The speedo works correctly and I am stumped. Anybody got any ideas before I take it to the dealer?
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    Can't remember for sure if this applies to the 05's but its worth a try..

    You can put the cruise into self test mode by doing the following..
    Ignition off
    switch cruise ON
    Hold cruise SET to SET position and switch ignition ON
    Green light should come on.
    Hold cruise RESUME to RESUME and green light should come on
    Release RESUME and hit FRONT Brake, green light should come on
    Hit Rear Brake and HOLD for 5 sec, green light should come on

    When you release the rear brake you should hear the cruise control box as it repositions the throttle

    IF all the green lights appear as they should and the control box moves the throttle than all is good.

    I cannot remember right now what to check when a green light does not come on however post back what you find when doing the self test and we can go from there.

    Also, check the wires that attach to the throttle wire, there are 2 of them and they end up right about where the front tank mount is, I have seen them pinched when replacing a tank and if they become pinched cruise will NOT engage.


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    IF your brakes are not returning properly, it may be Just the brake kicking the unit OUT...

    Look to see IF the brakes return OUT and the switches are not the problem.

    Sure Love my Factory installed Cruise on my 09 King.

    Never thought I would BUT I use it always, especially on a BUMPY road... Smoooths out the throttle and the ride...

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    Got a green light on Cruise Set, but not on any of the other steps. Any ideas?
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    You may try this. It's for an '07 but may work for you.Note it says the rocker switch for the cruise,on dash, should be off not on.

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    In the 2000 FLT service manual (there are others for sure) that gives a very detailed diagnostics for the cruise control. All step by step.

    I cannot list it all here as there are way too many pages to re type