2005 flstci - what warranty?

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    Here are some problems I have had to deal with, without the benefit of warranty;
    Front fork downtube cover touches fender and has taken off the paint - sorry, no warranty on paint.
    Clutch cable rubs on rear of front fender and has taken off paint - sorry, no warranty on paint.
    Foot shifter binds when engine is hot and will not return to centre position - sorry, no warranty; normal wear and tear.
    And this is my latest complaint; Front brake lever does not return all the way (mostly in cooler temperatures), causing the brake light to stay on. This is the same problem that the 2004/2005 883 & 1200 Sportster models have been recalled for (see HD service bulletins M-1187 & ML-414).
    I have had no satisfaction from Harley Davidson on any of these issues which have, for the most part been occuring since new.
    Has anyone else had any of these problems and if so, how did you get the issues resolved?
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    The problems you listed could be pretty much taken care of with proper maintenance before the fact. If the clutch cable was secured properly it shouldn't hit the fender and the binding foor shifter probably needs some lubrication on the shaft it rotates on. The lever problem could be the pinch bolt that secures it is too tight or needs lubrication.
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    Here is what I have found out;
    Either the Fat Boy or Road King have a recall order concerning the fender being hit by the downtube cover. The clutch cable was not clamped to the frame at the factory and although the dealer took care of that, the cable still rubs on the fender. I have since discovered that the problem is that the windshield forces the cable too far forward. Unfortunately, my fender is already marked from these two problems and HD won't do anything about it. As for the brake, the 2004 & 2005 sportsters have been recalled for the same problem and the master cylinders have to be rebuilt. I am getting a bit of a run around from the dealer on that problem. If it ever stops snowing here, I will get the bike into the dealer and see if they can fix it, this time. The foot shifter was finally fixed (the pivot brace had to be reamed out), but not under warranty because they just lubricated it when it was new. By the time they finally got smart enough to figure out the problem (which I had to explain how to fix) they said it was normal wear and tear. Funny how normal wear and tear should occur within the first 3 months.
    Thanks for your reply
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