2004 Eglide spoked wheels

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    I have a 2004 Electra glide Classic that the spokes broke on. Had the wheel relaced at a friend of mines shop. Doing a tire change two more were found to be broke. These looked to have snapped recently as the broke ends were shiny. This all happened within 10000 miles and this does not leave me much faith in spoked wheels. Replaced the rear with a cast wheel.

    Does anyone know if Harley stands behind this? Seems they have quite a few issues with them. Spokes have been checked often after the first go around. That's when the dealer was checking them.

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    When working at a Harley shop we would see this occasionally. It was business as usual unless customer had the tire and wheel extended warrty. There are many factors as to why and how come the spokes break. Going with a cast wheel is the reason I have not and will not have spokes wheels any more also....
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    I have a 16" cast "Wagon" wheel take off from an '02 FLHT if you decide to change out the front.