2004 1200R wiring diagram

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    So I'm trying to change some things on the tail end of my bike, and I was wondering if anyone had the 2004 1200R wiring diagram?
    I don't have a manual for my bike, and I'm super broke.....trying to do it on no cash at all...so I cant afford the book haha!
    Any help would be very much appriciated!
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    Wiring Diagrams Online - Harley Davidson Community may have a look here

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    There are some diagrams in the Self Help section regarding the basics. Here are some mechanical layout ones to help you find your way and the 2004-2006 wiring diagrams will be similar for the XL. I am on the road so do not have access to my "stuff"...

    Tail Light Wiring - Harley Davidson Community

    There are kits to change the lighting (basically adds dual filament bulbs and lenses out back with plug and play wiring)...or "do it yourself" with a bit of "brilliance" ala the Glider:

    Adding Lights To The Rear Of Your Bike - Harley Davidson Community
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