2003 Road King??

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by slopdogg, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. slopdogg

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    I'm looking and buying a 2003 100th anv. Road King, it only has 11,200 miles in good shape just need to be detailed, it is from some one i know my brother in laws dad, for $10,000 Think this is a fair deal? i do i was going to get a newer one but for the price and the miles i think i might go with it
  2. Amish Hawg

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    I'm not the mechanical wizard like the great group on here. BUT, I bought my 2003 RKC 3 years ago. My only issues have been minor repairs that were completed by myself with the help of these folks on here.......or I didnt have the tools i needed so I put her in the shop.

    I take mine to Austin from Dallas once a week, ride every other day ( at least ) and ride hard on the weekends. She keeps up with all the new ones and I have ZERO confidence issues. And Momma is happy on the back ( that is KEY ).

    From my perspective - I would jump on it. Im over 30k miles and am riding home tomorrow morning to DFW.

    Good Luck....be safe
  3. HDSickness

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    Not a bad deal if well taken care of and has some upgrades.
    Road Kings are the best all around bike:cheers
  4. Bodeen

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    I haven't had any major issues with mine and I ride everyday. Mileage wise, its hardly broke in IMO. If it has been taken care of its probably not a bad deal. I would offer him less but thats just me..........
  5. RibEye

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    If has been sitting a long time, it may take a bit to get related issues cleared out (seals, fuel system varnish, tires, etc.). If it has been ridden regularly, and well taken care of, you could be good to go. If it is not a classic, I would offer a bit less, in cash. If he won't take less, it is still worth the asking. If it is a classic, in good shape, grab it and run.

    Rich P
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Anniversary issue HMMMM not a bad deal here, paint is all good? Emblems all intact good to go:s