2003 H-D Ultra Classic with Premium Oil Cooler issue

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    I own a 2003 Ultra Classic with the Premium Oil Cooler added, I also have engine work as follows: 95ci, S&S G570 cams, Baker 6 speed, Power Commander, SuperSucker air intake manifold and Vance & Hines TruDuals .... My problem is changing my oil specifically the oil filter. My mechanic tells me I need either an older Sportster EVO oil filter or K&N KN-170-C filter which allows for a greater flow of oil and boosts my oil pressure, I am also running NON-synthetic oil. In order to remove the oil filter the crankcase sensor needs to be removed which is simply a pain.

    Are there any recommendations pro-or-con for going back to the standard H-D oil filter 63798-99A and any idea why I have to remove the crankcase sensor before I can get the oil filter removed?

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Brett W. Sabio
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    Unless the oil cooler is somehow in the way theres no reason you have to remove the sensor. As far as the oil filter, I have the Screamin Eagle 95ci build and have no issues using the stock HD filter. Are you running the stock oil pump?
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    With owning the bike since 2003 is this a new concern that you have???
    The O.E. oil filter will have the proper micron rating. You may not know what the rating is with aftermarket filters...
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    Mod team, OP has 3 threads going about the same subject. Could they be combined into 1.
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    I have always used the JAGG OFF Set bolted to the engine and using it; moves the oil filter forward and Clears better.

    Not seeing your bike, it is hard to believe the problem exist...

    What cooler, what Brand is it...

    I would think oil pressure increase is Bologna..... Oil Needs filtering.... more pressure by a different filter? maybe less filtering. Change your HD filter at 2500 miles if it is causing a oil-hold-back problem.

    The Jagg is a nifty off set, some use it JUST for that reason. But you already have a cooler...

    The removal of the sensor SHOULD Not be necessary...Using a Strap type to Loosen NOT the End wrench,,, it should Clear the sensor...

    signed.... BUBBIE
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    There is no reason for an aftermarket oil filter; the OEM filter should be used. If you would consider a modification that would eliminate the pain and mess associated with changing oil, consider a remotely located oil filter. I have one sitting on my bench ready to install on my Deuce; the old FL will get the same treatment in the near future.:s

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    I have never had to remove the CPS to remove an oil filter. Both my bikes run modified big bore motors, conventional oil and the OEM filter. The H-D oiling system is based on volume, not pressure. If you want more pressure, you could install the Baisley pressure relief valve spring which would help idle and low rpm pressure which is where the early models can use a pressure boost. If you want to take it up a notch, Drag Specialties has a high volume pump for the early model cam plates.

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    I strongly recommend that you DO NOT use a filter with a higher micron rating than 5 microns. The reason is that the TCs are designed with an under piston oil sprayer that has a small orifice. If you use a larger mesh filter, you risk plugging those sprayers. That will potentially lead to over temp conditions on the piston skirts. This could lead to all sorts of problems.


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    As others have said. Stock filter, and maybe try a different tool to get the filter off. A strap wrench works good or one of those fit all wrenches with the arms on it.
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    K&N filters meet all factory requirements and they have a nut formed into the end of the filter. A 3/4" socket on a 6" extension makes removal very easy. They are available through AutoZone. My local store keeps them in stock, but I don't believe that all stores do.