2002 Road King or 2012 Electra Glide Ultra Classic

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  1. mtmasean

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    What would you do? Buy a 2002 Road King, with 8600 miles for $11K lots of bling pics attached Carb, stage 1 and new tires,new muffler not sure what he put on it but sounded good (original owner too). Will throw in matching helmets service manual all old stock parts and custom paint. Or buy a new 2012 or 2011 Ultra Classic Electra Glide well over $20K??

    I'm leaning toward the Road King for the price.:33:

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  2. dbmg

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    What are your desires out of a bike. If lots of riding and touring are part of it leaning towards the new bike would be much more favorable. If wanting to move into a bagger to experience a heavy bike the King sounds good. 2002 Harley-Davidson - Kelley Blue Book
    Again it all is in what you can afford, and be sure to negotiate price. The King if starting to tour and ride alot may need attention from lack of riding which could sour the experience of a bagger....Sooooo its ultimately your decision and best to you with which ever you decide.:)
  3. mtmasean

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    I did look at KBB and it estimates it at $9600 but, it did give you an option for the mileage.

    I have an 1985 Harley Davidson FXEF and a 2002 Suzuki Intruder now. The Intruder is big like the RK. So I knid of used to riding a bigger bike compared to my FXEF. Would keep the Suzuki for my everyday bike but, I'd rather work on a Harley than the Suzuki if I have to work on it. A lot easier since I just finished some things on the FXEF. I can afford the newer bike since I just finished paying off my truck but, would also like to use that money for other bills too.

    How much more comfortable are the two rides compared to each other? I have not test drove the Ultra just the RK around the block. I have a 45 mile one way commute to work and the $80's every other day is killing me. So just the money in gas would also save me alone.
  4. dbmg

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    Both bikes will have you moving your commute up to 90-100 miles one way because you will not want to stop riding. If just using the bike mostly to ride to work the Ultra could end up being alot more bike than you need and wasted expense. The other angle to be considered is the windshield can be removed from King when hot especially if commute involves city traffic. The only caution I have is if you test rode the Ultra, that in itself may make your mind up for you. So be careful what you wish for....:s
    You could always sell the Suzuki.
  5. HDDon

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    You are really talking apples and oranges. Hard to compare a ten or 11 year old bike to a new one. The Road King has the old style Harley frame and was never suppose to be in the same league as a full on touring bike like the ultra. The new style Harley frame is light years ahead of the 02, factor in the warrenty and you may have your answer.
  6. mtmasean

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    DBMG- I do plan on selling the Suzuki. My dad likes it I told him I'd give it to him so he could sell his Kawasaki Vulcan and I'd put that toward this bike.

    HDDon-I was factoring in the warranty already it was more so the price and the price of the RK with that low mileage. Plus, I don't have to deal with the deprecation value.
  7. RibEye

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    An older bike with low miles may sound like a bargain but generally works out not to be. You will find that you will spend the first couple of years ringing out issues, not the least of which may be a varnished fuel supply system. I'm not asking you to forgo the RK, just helping you to count the cost in advance. I could have purchased a new Ultra, but bought an '03 RKC. Then I set out to give her all kinds of quick disconnect variability (variety of seats, matching tourpack, batwing fairing, etc.). She can now be set up in formal dress, or a short black skirt, so to speak. I like having 1/2 dozen bikes in one.

    Rich P
  8. Dswartz

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    They are both completely different bikes and like comparing apples to oranges. Even if you were comparing a 2002 Ultra to a 2012 Ultra there would be ALOT of changes such as engine, trans, frame, brakes, etc. When you compare the RK to the ultra it just throws in a whole new list of differences. You really need to decide what you want in a bike. Do you want to do some serious touring or mostly ride around town with some longer stretches on the weekend? You also need to decide how much you intend to spend. The Ultra is going to cost more than double what the King is.
  9. gusotto

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    A lot to be gained with the 2012.

    Stock 2002 parts don't bring much in value as there are plenty of take-off items out there.
    Matching helmets??? Looks like 9 years of use and someone elses sweat. Not a fan of used helmets. Even if you clean them.
    Helmets are recommended to be replaced after so many years anyway, even if people don't do it. Kind of like used underwear. I like having my own from day one.

    Too many improvements in the new bikes to compare with a 2002.
    New bike will have a warranty for many miles of care-free riding. Same can't be said with a 2002.

    You could always take a test ride from a dealer or even rent a bike for a day.
    A small expenditure for an item you'll own for quite a while.
  10. mtmasean

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    Rich, that was the first thing I asked was when he put fuel in it. Which was last week when he rode it. He said that he is just to busy with work to ride it much. I'm the same way about having a variety too. The luggage rack and windshield already have quick disconnects on there. I also thought about getting the tour pack for it too. That way you can have the look of the Ultra. This is also one of my dad's friends so that may help some a least being able to talk to them later if I do have issues to ask if they may of had that problem.