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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 02Roadking, May 26, 2009.

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    My 2002 FLHRI (EFI) has recently started to exhibit a very annoying miss while cruising down the street. I can hear the miss via the pipes. I don't have a sense of any kind of surge when the miss is happen. It's the kind of miss that happens while you're cruising at 45mph or less (it may do it above 45mpg, but I can't hear it due to wind noise). It's constant, but variable. The miss will go away however when under load, like when you're riding up a small incline or hill, or when accelerating. The miss ONLY happens when cruising at a constant speed and with a constant steady throttle (cruising the boulevard. Nothing has changed other than adding Reinhart slip-ons. I'm also getting a lot more popping out the mufflers since adding the Reinhardt’s, but I can't imaging they are causing this problem. I've also noticed in the pass that on occasion the engine will cut out entirely when performing a very slow speed turn. I'll decelerate, entre the turn (left or right), and when I begin to roll on the throttle, it will die and then catch itself. I've changed plugs, replacing with the stock H-D model (previous plugs looked OK, maybe a bit on a lean side as they were pretty white), and still experience the miss. Gas mileage is not affected. I've made sure to use good, high-grade gasoline (Shell), and have recently added a bit of Sea Foam. Any ideas and/or suggestions before I take it into the mechanic?
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    How old are the plug wires and are they on the plugs tightly?
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    I double checked, and the plug wires are firmly fastened. They are the original wires. I went down and purchased some screamin' eagle wires and I'll attach those over the weekend, although it looks like a (EDITED). There are attachment points up under the gas tank that are going to be a bear to get to. I assume one should be able to do this without removing the tank? Additionally, I replaced the air filter. It was due, and was pretty dirty. I didn't expect it to have any impact, which it didn't.

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