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    I just bought a 2001 ultra classic. It has 6500 miles on it. When it was brand new a screaming eagle 95ci kit was installed along with with a 6 speed transmission. A carburetor with round paper type air filter. straight pipes with fish tales. My problem is the 32 -35 mpg hwy. My last bike was a road king, 50 mpg. before that a 99 ci stroker about 42 mpg. What can I do to improve the gas mileage. thanks for any help
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    Take the carb off and completely clean it. Check float adjustment and write down what jets are in it. Return and let us know what you find. May check needle to see if it is a stock needle, check slide to see if it has been drilled, etc.

    Check the self help section, there is more info on carbs then you can imagine.
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    An eleven year old bike with only 6500 miles? Ok those straight pipes are MPG killers,you will probably find its jetted really rich to stop the backfiring so 32-35 MPG is about right.You want better MPG change pipes and jet correctly..
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    It is a fine line between leaning out your engine to try to increase mpg and getting higher engine temps, decel popping, and hesitation issues AND running a little rich with a cooler engine, less decel popping and better performance. This is especially harder on a carb bike than on EFI.

    Take a look at the info in the self help area on adjusting and tuning your carb. As suggested above, it would be good to go through it to make sure everything is clean (including the accelerator pump). Then you might try going down a size on the jets. So if you are running a 46 low, try a 45, and if your high speed is a 185, try a 180. See here:

    Fuel and Carb Related Issues - Harley Davidson Community

    And remember, one of the best ways to increase your fuel mileage is in your right hand!!

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    A lot of good advice above. Your exhaust is fighting that work that was done to increase engine size. You don't say which carb your running so I will guess it is the stock CV. Your AC should be changed out to a free breathing K&N or another aftermarket element. Jet size is important and once you have decided on the exhaust and AC you can try rejetting to suit the system your running. Remember you have a large air pump/motor and while it wants to breath free and exhaust well it needs the proper back pressure to operate the way it should. Let us know what changes your making and someone here will have some good answers for you. Thanks for posting.