2001 Roadking Idle Problem:

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by michael49, May 31, 2009.

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    The promblem started in November of last year. The bike would idle down and die when I stopped for a stop light. Took it to a non-Harley repair shop. The following parts were changed: Check Valve, Fuel Pump, Top Plate Gasket, Intake Seal 90-03BT/XL, Fuel Pressure Regulator, Idle Motor Kit, Autolite Plugs, HD Fuel Line, Check Valve again. After nearly four months of back and forth with the repair shop I picked it up on January 4. Since then I have rode the bike for a total of 629 miles. The bike had worked great except I am still having a problem with occasionally backfiring. But that problem existed prior to the problems with the bike dying at the stop lights. The bike has begun doing the same thing again that it did last fall. I have not taken it back to the repair shop yet or to a Harley dealer. What is there left to replace or to do?
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    Hey Glider, good call on the dinner...if he does the procedure and takes that 30 min break, and the bike works fine; it may be waiting for you at his house...Steak probably sounds good right 'bout now! :bigsmiley17:
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    have an 01 rk police. have been fighting liza minneli injection for 2 yrs. bike will idle very low. when adjusted will work fine then gets stupid and idles too high. i have a power commander and the stage 1 down load. took it to stealer before p/c installed and it ran like it it was on 1 cyl and dying. got a p/c and dyno'ed and it was good. stock t/c 88, 68hp and 77 lb/ft torq and paper to show it. the idle always gets worse in winter and bike has to be very hot to maintain 1050 rpm. just a lousy injection system. thinking of a way to convert to closed loop or maybe switching to carb. keep those torqs handy. carry them all the time.
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    Re: Road King Dies After Idling For Short Time:

    Checked the breaker?
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    If after you try all the aforementioned methods and the problem still comes back, you may have a bad miniature bearing in the side plate. This will make the IAC act react erratically and change the idle setting. I tried everything on mine, but the problem always came back. After the bearing change I have had no more problems with my idle.
    Also, you will want to make sure your cables are free with just a bit of freeplay. Any resistance felt by the IAC will affect your idle. The miniature bearing is a cheap easy fix.
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    Had 3 bikes w/MM injection..(still have the 01 RK) 1 gave me a little trouble like you were seeing. I took apart all electrical connections and cleaned w/good electronic contact cleaner..No probs since in 25K miles. Friend did same/same result. Other than that, never a prob w/MM injection.
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    I am having similar issues and cont find anyone who can fix or figure it out. I have rode my bike to Nashville from Indiana 2 times now and both times after the trip my bike starts acting up. Rough idle, Carbon fouling the plugs, backfiring, and it sounds like the fuel pump is dumping way too much fuel. It is an 01 Road King with PCM3-USB, Arlen Ness Big Sucker Intake and Wild Pig Slip On's. Please help!