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    Had been having problems with the horn for 1-2 months. Sometimes it would work others it wouldn't. Mostly while riding it wouldn't. Stop it would be fine. Today nothing at all. I had already checked the easy stuff previously; horn terminals, wiring. Today was working with the meter trying to find which was missing + or -. My wandering eye spied a pretty good size bolt and washer laying next to the spark plug of the rear cylinder. (EDIT) ?? I asked. Started searching with a flashlight and found it was the rear cylinder upper motor mount bolt. (I had rode home with it laying on the head, 70+ highway. There was also a wire that was loose due to the bolt being AWOL. Ground for the horn. Was able to add some thread lock and get it tightened up. Never noticed any extra vibration. If the bolt had fallen away I don't know how much would have been ripped up trying to find this issue. I was ready to get into the left side handlebar switch.
    Just a note to all. It would have been the last thing had I not found the bolt.

    Please read this...
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    Problems with vibrations will always haunt us , Pre ride check will help:s