2000 fxdl intermittent dying

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    Ive been searching this site for a few hours and cant find much help so i am going to make a post, feel free to point to an post i missed in my search if this info has been talked over before.

    bike 2000 fxdl, few mods.......

    s&s carb
    s&s gear drive cams
    s&s pistons
    s&s push rods
    s&s valve springs
    super trap exhaust
    baker 6spd

    i built the motor and did tranny install 3yrs ago so i dont see any of the non oem parts causing this issue.

    Ive owned the bike since new and never had an issue. i do all the work on the bike and have been scratching my head for the last week trying to find this problem.

    the problem, bike randomly cuts power. all electrics seem to be working fine, head light, tail light, break lights, dash lights all stay lit. while ridding the "engine" light comes on and power is cut. sometimes this happens after 5mins of ridding and others it happens 1hr into a ride and everything em-between. the bike sometimes fires right back up and others i have to sit for a bit before it will fire back up. the bike doesn't seem to be running hot or cold when it dies since it dies under almost any condition. its almost like i simply hit the off switch randomly.

    first thing i did was pull my factory manual out and all it says is to see another manual i cant get access too.

    i am shocked how a bike with a carburetor has a "engine" light to begin with, and my not being able to find info to help me find out why this light keeps coming on is really a pain.

    so far in my search for the problem i have........

    checked fuses

    checked for damaged wires

    checked plugs

    checked battery cables/voltage

    checked fuel system (even drained the tank and checked the petcock)

    checked vac line to map sensor

    checked the kill switch

    checked the ignition switch/key

    i am really stumped what could cause the "engine" light to come on and the motor to cut power while ridding but all of the electrical system to continue to work fine while the motor power is cut.

    these are a few of the threads Ive ready while searching for leads as to what my problem may be.

    hdtalking.com/softail_models/18630-engine_dying.html"]Engine dying... - Harley Davidson Community[/url]

    hdtalking.com/dyna_models/48173-dyna_loss_of_all_power.html"]dyna loss of all power - Harley Davidson Community[/url]

    hdtalking.com/dyna_models/19370-98_fxdl_engine_just_quits_help.html"]98 fxdl engine just quits help! - Harley Davidson Community[/url]

    this one seems mainly for efi bikes as i didn't find this "data link connector" anywhere, maybe HD hid it in a corner i haven't looked in yet.

    hdtalking.com/dyna_models/1167-fxdl_check_engine_light.html"]FXDL Check Engine Light - Harley Davidson Community[/url]

    hdtalking.com/diagnostics_and_fuel_injection_related/729-00_03_hd_codes_and_activation.html"]Harley Davidson Community[/url]

    suggestions would be great

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    Look I'm no expert but if it was a fuel issue I think the bike would give a buck or lurch as it gave it up. So I think it is electrical. First guess could be the coil, I think they are easy to check or swap out with a good one.
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    http://www.hdtalking.com/archive/t-49139.html Have a look here for testing the coil
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    This should have been in the manual you have.
    If a diagnostic code has been set, the check-engine light will be activated.

    From the book=> "During normal operation, the check-engine light illuminates for approximately four seconds when the ignition is turned on. The check-engine light then turns off and remains off. If a diagnostic code(s) has been set, the check-engine light turns on for four seconds, turns off, then turns back on for eight seconds or longer."

    Which is the case on your bike. Do you get the "back on" 8 second light?
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    i get the normal on for a few sec then off at start up. the light only comes on while ridding if power is cut but when the bike restarts the light does not stay on past the first 4second cycle. the sequence above seems to be more for EFI bikes, i dont have a EFI bike, it never was a EFI bike. i looked for the scan port and found nothing, unless the scan port is tucked away somewhere in a hidden spot i dont believe my bike even has one. but hell id sure like to find the scan port if its going to make finding the problem as simple as reading the code. i have the bike on a lift tank off, seat off all elec laid away from the frame so i can test all the circuits. where is this "scan port" normally located on the harness?

    i did realize the only electrical mod on the bike is the Dakota digital speedo calibration unit. im going to unhook it and go for a ride today even though i have feelings this is in no way part of the problem, i just want to remove it from possible suspects.

    i really dig all the ideas guys, thanks
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    The 2000 Dyna Low does have a data link (4 wires) that comes off the ignition module. The ignition module is responsible for storing any codes. If you don't get the 8 seconds after the boot, then you don't have any historical codes.

    Here is a list of the possible codes and numbers.

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    Does your ignition module have (1) 16 position connector on it.
    If so, are these the wire colors:
    1 Red/white
    2 Violet/white
    3 Green/White
    4 solid red
    5 solid black
    6 Black/white
    7 Green/Red
    8 Violet/red
    9 White/Black
    10 Black
    11 Black/yellow
    12 Blue/Orange
    13 Yellow/Blue
    14 Green/Gray *
    15 Black
    16 Pink

    Just for information only, the diagnostic plug is pins 8, 10, 7, and 9
    Your sure that all the lights (headlight, dash lights etc) stay lit when the engine dies.
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    yes, i hopped off immediately the last time it died on me and looked over everything to make sure it was working even the high beam. i also pulled the fuel feed off the carb right there to make sure the car was full of fuel, then i pulled the air filter to see that the accel pump was spraying fuel then i twist the throttle and it did.

    thanks for the elec break down. im bummed the book i have doesn't cover anything to do with diagnosing the issue via the ignition modules ability to store codes. i just reread part of the book and ended up at the same dead end referring to an electrical manual i dont have access to. i am confused why HD wouldn't put this info into the official factory manual.

    do you happen to have a break down as to what wire goes to what? that would make checking the ignition harness go much faster.


    i see a post or 2 of mine are missing. i assume they will show up after the mods review them or maybe the web eat them. some of my missing post ......

    "the manual i have is part# 99481-01A its technically for 2001 dyna models but its all i could get thru my local dealer at the time. when i look up "check engine light" in my manual its only found on page 1-53 and says to see "checking for trouble codes in electrical diagnostic manual part# 99495-01 for more information. "

    wow that is a much more realistic list of codes than the one i found thru search.


    im guessing the scan port talked about in the thread i found isn't the same as whatever my bike is equipped with.

    whats the process of getting codes on these early bikes? i dont see any info about how to get the codes in the pdf just what each code means.

    the manual i have is part# 99481-01A its technically for 2001 dyna models but its all i could get thru my local dealer at the time. when i look up "check engine light" in my manual its only found on page 1-53 and says to see "checking for trouble codes in electrical diagnostic manual part# 99495-01 for more information.

    looking thru the chassis electrical diagrams in my manual i cant find a scan port.

    thanks z
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    That should not be. There is no review. Was it important info.
  10. Hoople

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    I do, but it depends on that 16 pin connector and the wire colors. That is why I asked. If your wires match in number and color, I can upload the schematics.