2000 1450 CC Harley D Dyna Glide

Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by Musicman1943, Oct 31, 2015.

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    Just joined and have a 2000 HD Dyna Glide.. Has just 21,686 miles today.. Lovin the ride! Best of over 30 bikes I've owned through the years.. Checked the oil and it was 1/2 pint high on the stick cold.. Pumped it out with a vacuum tube and adjusted the Carb a bit and it's pretty good but who knows which is richer and which is leaner? I'm set at about 3 turns out.. Hmmm...
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    Welcome to The Forum, better to be rich than lean, look at your spark plugs
  3. Breeze3at

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    If you are talking about the idle air adj. that was under the tin plug, behind the float bowl (underneath), out = more air, leaner.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Here is a picture of the screw and the plug that may be covering it, if the plug is still in place drill a small ole in it not to deep, put a screw in it and wiggle it with a pliars it will pop off
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    :wt From the Rocky Mountains.
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    Welcome aboard from Canada. :)
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    Glad to have you aboard! :ws:rider
    From Central Florida.

    With bike hot and at idle. Adjust screw in till it stumbles, then count the turns out till it stumbles, Cut the number of turn it took in half and turn it in the amount of turns. Should be close. Three turns out is pretty far out. Do not want to run the risk of losing the screw while riding. You need to be very sure that you do not have an intake leak that will cause you to over compensate for a lean condition.
  8. tourbox

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    Welcome from So. Texas. If memory serves me the Idle Air screw is only for Idle. Once the throttle is cracked open then it is no longer in the circuit.Adjust as Bodeen has suggested.
  9. dolt

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    You were adjusting the A/F mix at idle which has no effect once rpms increase and the fuel flow transfers to the slow jet. Do you know if there have been any modifications to the motor, like Stage I upgrade, cams, etc?

    Get the motor to operating temp and turn the needle all the way in and lightly seat it; the motor should stumble and possibly die. If it does, you will know that the slow jet is sized right. Then start backing the adjustor out, slowly, and listen to and watch the motor. It will take some patience, turning in and out a few times to find the spot where the motor idles the smoothest; once you find the "sweet spot", leave it there. There is no magic number of turns; you have to give the motor what it wants to idle smoothly.

    Actually, that adjustment has nothing to do with a rich or lean condition; for checking rich/lean conditions, you will need to check partial and full throttle.

    Check out the Nightrider article on tuning/modifying the CV carb; Google Nightrider.com and look under the Performance Guide for the article. I have assumed it is a CV; if not forget all of the above.:p You might also want to go to CV Performance and get their A/F screw; makes it much easier to do what you are doing.
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