20 months and new HD AGM Battery is dead

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by FinallyFlying, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. FinallyFlying

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    The original HD battery in my 2006 1200 lasted 7 years with NO battery tender hooked up and being ridden only couple times a month.

    I replaced it with another HD battery in 2013 and the parts guy at the dealership talked me into buying their battery tender JR which I have kept plugged in.

    Now at 20 months old, the battery won't hold a charge at all..... is anyone else having trouble with new HD batteries? I'm just wondering if they are making them in China or something lately.... anyone know?
  2. Breeze3at

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    Harley contracts it's batteries to East Penn Mfg. in Pennsylvania. The house brand of this company is Deka. I know a man that retired from the company, and he said there was a large change in the production "process" in 2012.
    Maybe HD lowered the specs to save money (and sell more later)? The original battery in my '07 lasted 5 years. The Deka I replaced it with lasted 2 years. My current Deka is 13 months old and still strong.
  3. Jeff Klarich

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    Bought my replacement battery from Batteries Plus over 2 years ago and still going strong. I can't remember the brand off hand but I have no complaints and the price was cheaper then Deka. My battery gets a workout due to higher compression so I'm impressed with my choice. I always hook up the tender after every ride.

    JMO but I think you should have gotten better life out of your Deka. Check with Harley and see if they'll pro rate it with a purchase of a new one. If not I'd check out Batteries Plus.
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    I'm not surprised. I can only get a little more than that out of mine.