20,000 mile service

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    Getting ready to do my 20000 mile service using Lucas 20/50 Syn Oil , H.D formula Plus in the primary and spectrol 6 speed GL5 75-140W in the trans , had anything changed on any of these items or are they still good? Is there anything else I should look at or service at 20000 miles that is not in the manual? getting ready for a long trip next month, Thanks in advance.
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  3. Trek

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    What exactly would be the critical fasteners?
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    Every thing except head bolts and rocker bolts:s
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    I know when I first got my HD bike, and started reading these forums, I had to laugh out loud when I read a post by a guy who said his shifter peg fell off as he was riding down the road...he said it just fell off! After having this bike for a little over a year now...with the way they vibrate, I can see how that can happen. So basically anything that's got a nut, screw, allen head, etc on it..check it for tightness. They're all critical fasteners. If loose, put at least some blue loctite on it.
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    LOL Trvlr, yes, that does happen. It happened to my husband the one time he did offer to swap bikes with me. Best move I ever made to want to ride my deuce that day or I would still be hearing how I rode his bike once and broke it! :s
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    LOL...well it wasn't so funny when it happened. It was my first HD, and a Sportster at that, it was my first semi-long distance ride and ~ 3 weeks old. What was good was a guy riding in the opposite direction stopped and asked if I needed help. I will never forget that. It made me proud to be a part of the Harley community. It also gave me the excuse to start customizing.
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    I only have 9000 on my bike but I guess I'll get to checking those on the next rainy day.
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    He wasn't the only guy! It happened to me too going home after working the 4-12 shift. I heard what I thought was the distinct sound of metal hitting the ground as I rounded a corner. I turned around to investigate. Come to find out it was my rear shifter lying in the road. At first I panicked and wondered how the heck was I going to get home!! Then I realized that all I had to do was "up shift" the old fashioned way, you know, toe underneath the "front" shift peg to upshift. The next morning I fixed it where it is on there real good. It still works it's way loose every now and again but it is one of those things that I now keep an eye on and if that came loose it got me to thinking what else is coming undone on my bike?!!
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    Yea, I'm not laughing any longer...now that I've come over to the dark side and ditched the old metric ride. I've had 2 bikes over my riding career prior to getting the Harley..and had just never heard of that happening before. But the way this ole horse is constantly chomping at the bit..I can see how it can happen...makes me think I better go check my shifter peg right now lol