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    Can anyone offer opinions about HD's recommended service schedules and what they perform during the inspections? What I really want to know is should the average bike owner do their own maintenance on his/her bike, or fork out the money for the dealership to do? For instance, I spoke to the dealer about my first 1000 mile service. They check fasteners and change all the oils. I know I can do the oils, but what fasteners are they inspecting/tightening? Will it void the warranty if I do the work and there is no record of the work ever being done? If I use non-HD oils will that void the warranty if there ever is a problem with the drive train? Oh, the 1000 mile will cost around $400 for the dealer to perform. Any other relevant comments would be appreciated.
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    You can do all the service yourself, with any brand of oil you choose. Keep receipts, and a log of dates and mileage that service was done. There are many stories of bikes coming out of the dealers shop with low tire pressure, loose parts and on and on. Some dealers or techs just push bikes through the shop as fast as they can. Some do a good job. I prefer doing everything I can to my bikes for piece of mind and satisfaction of knowing it has been treated nice.
    I won't recommend any service product brand, that usually starts something among Harley owners. :D
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    If you enjoy working on your own stuff, it's well worth it to invest in a factory Service Manual and do your own maintenance. You will save money and learn a lot about your bike in the process.

    You can also do a "blend" where you do your own fluids and other simple stuff and let the dealer do anything you're not comfortable with.

    All of the critical fasteners that are checked at the 1000 mile service and subsequently are listed in the Service Manual. Easy enough to do yourself but many owners feel more at ease letting the selling dealer perform this first check. Besides, you might not have your Service Manual yet when you hit 1000 miles!

    HD cannot void your warranty if you do your own work and keep records and all receipts. Read this:

    Harley Davidson Forums

    You will also be able to make your own choices among the many quality fluids available to put into your bike instead of just using whatever the dealer feels like selling that day.
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    Save the hundred of dollars for each and every service and do it your self. Its easy and straight forward. A shop manual is a great help but owners manual has the information also. Use Harley oil and air filters a good quality oil specific for the 3 holes and the saved money will allow many options........:s
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    Thanks for all the comments. I know I can do most of the stuff and I have a service manual for my brand new bike as well as my previous bikes. I do know that I have limitations to my mechanical ability and that's where I do use some common sense and have professionals do what I can't.

    My question about the fluid changes is about the trans fluid. I still don't like the way the new bikes shift. My 2008 FLHTCU shifted clunky, and though my Street Glide is better, it still isn't like my 97 Road King (that was pure butter). So I used Redline Heavy Shockproof in my Ultra and it was a bit better. Now most of you know Redline is colored Red. If I were to start having transmission problems within the warranty period, and a dealer found that I was using this, it would not void the warranty? I asked my selling service dealer this and he said for sure it would. They wouldn't, he said (probably because they couldn't prove it) void the warranty if I was using, like I normally do, Mobil 1 V-twin engine oil.
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    They cannot void warranty by using Redline......most dealers sell Redline shockproof tranny fluid.
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    If you have receipt that state the product you are using, I would question dealer how they could possibly deny warranty coverage for a failed component just because of usage of competitor's oil. It sound like if you were to use motor oil in the trans and it failed then that would be ok. Sound a bit conflicting to me...
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    If any fluids you use MEET or exceed manufactures specs, they cannot void your warranty PERIOD. Al reputable providers of lubes will state this as part of their mission statement and or be part of their labeling on their products, this is nothing more than scare tactitcs by The MOCO
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    My first service was free but I would let the dealer do it even if it weren't I will also let my dealer (whom I trust) do the 5k service but beyond that I will do it myself. I did it on all my previous bikes. I trust My dealer but I am like Breeze. There is just a piece of mind in knowing that everything is done and done correctly. My keys to it are.... A service Manual, Quality filters (Harley), Quality Oil, Locktite, and a Torque wrench (I torque EVERYTHING to spec).
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    I see you are in PA. I am in southern New Jersey. Who is your preferred service dealer, if you don't mind me asking.