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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by trickydoc, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. trickydoc

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    I have been thinking about putting 2 in 1 pipe on my Ultra. Right now its a stock 88, I will be adding a Power Comander to handle the new pipes. My local indy, "Ricks Cycle Parts" has a set that were bought for a big bore motor, (103) they will fit my scoot. Now my question. will these pipes work on my scoot knowing that some backpressure is required to operate correctly. or will they be too large and not have the correct pressure? I was looking at a Thunder Header, but its a little out of my price range. I can get this other header for a lot less than the thunder header. could I just measure the inside diameter to check?. other than just installing and trying them out, is there another way to check? thanks

  2. glider

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    The pipe diameter should be the same on the both bikes. You just have to correctly map it for better flow for them to be beneficial.
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    Ya might wanna consider a set of cones, Drag sell em, they call em Torque or Exhaust cones. They slip into the ID of the pipe at the head and reduce the exhaust dia. providing the required back pressure. Cheap insurance for about $50.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I'd give a Second on this... I had a LOW back-pressured modified Carbed bike... The person who bought it from me, said later that a tech suggested to remove them(stainless revision cones).. They were removed and Bang,Bang, BANG was the results and soon after, He put them back in to quiet the noise...
    The revision of intake AND exhaust is NORMAL but not a wanted thing especially on the exhaust(lacking back-pressure)... hence the Bang..
    The "cones" Turn around the revision of the unwanted burnt gas direction Before it gets involved with the back-in piston Flow of exhaust..
    I liked the lower back-pressure in the exhaust I had but the cones Were Needed to control the Bang..

    signed....BUBBIE :D
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    Just my opinion - I would wait and save up for the Thunder Header. I have never seen another system make the kind of power that it does when combined with Stage I air and remap or rejet. Again, just my opinion.
  6. trickydoc

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    I have bout decided to bite the bullet and get the TH. Thanks for all the great info. bout got the Power Comander on. got everything hooked up, just got to get everything packed back in and tied down.
    Thanks again to all.