1998 FLHRCI - Road King Classic

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    Does anyone know where the Crank Position Sensor is located on a 1998 Road King Classic? And, how hard is it to replace?

    Also, I have an exhaust leak where pipe connects to rear cyclinder head. Does anyone have the steps required to replace the exhaust gasket and retaining ring?
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    The ckp sensor is located on the left side of the crankcase in front of the engine just to the left of the oil filter, it's held in place with a hex socket screw, remove the screw and the ckp sensor pulls right out of the crankcase, you'll need to feed the wires from the new sensor to the right side cover below the seat to connect it.

    To replace the exhaust gasket, you'll need to remove both mufflers, and pipes downstream of the rear head pipe on both sides of the bike, loosen the bolts that hold the starter to the back of the inner primary cover and remove the triangular brace for the exhaust pipe that goes to the left of the bike to get enough clearance to ease back the rear head pipe, loosen the clamp that connects the rear and front headpipe, remove the nuts that hold the headpipe to the cylinder head and ease the headpipe back to remove it.
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    Roadking01 has you covered on the CPS.

    Before you get carried away, take the heat shield off covering the "Y" where the rear pipe splits to go left and right. This is the place (at the "Y") where some of these baggers develop a crack (mine did). Won't get you out of having to pull everything off, but if there is a crack, at least you can get a new "Y" pipe while you are at the shop instead of having to go back.

    If there is no crack and the pipe is actually leaking at the head, when cold, spray the nuts/studs liberally with some PB. Let it sit and do it again a couple of times. Then gently try snugging up the nuts a bit on the studs to see if you can seal the leak. Do NOT get all Herculean with this because you DO NOT want to twist off those studs. But a little careful snugging up the header usually does the trick unless the gasket is damaged.

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    I may be "wrong thinkin'" again, but I thought crankshaft postion sensors were introduced on the twin cam 88 engine. '98 Road kings were still evo's. ??
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    You may want to look in the nose cone :D

    First TC bagger was in 99 I believe.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    NOW, for what it is worth...... MY EVO 1997 FXDS had the cam sensor.. Nose cone

    OR am I NOT remembering a bike I bought new?

    The TC came out with the crank sensor and the cam sensor . I did buy a 2ooo FXDS to replace the evo..
    Also bought both of these sensors to fix one that was the problem


    I'll sit here Corrected if someone else Knows the answer...:D


    Your thinking is right in my book.

    The 99 model year first TC.

    I bought my early 2ooo in 99 it was the second year of TC, and Still had the bad design Ball style Drive cam bearing that was Corrected in the second 1/2 year of the 2ooo model year to a Roller bearing.

    I also think in the 99 model year, the softails stayed EVO's..

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    I had the cam position sensor replaced Aug 2010. Last wknd I went for a short ride and after about 15min the bike just died as I was turning left thru a stop light. It did it again the next day. I noticed that once warmed up and I could feel heat coming from the exhaust leak, it died. I conducted a diagnostic test on it and the code came back as 56. My repair manual fault condition lists code 56 as: camshaft position sensor and crankshaft position sensor timing or signal error. So, just assumed that the cps is bad.
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    FWIW, if you are going throurgh the effort of taking your exhausts off to replace your front exhaust gasket, now would be the perfect opportunity to go with a dual exhaust set up.

    If you have ever entertained the idea, you will be going through the same process (removing the mufflers, removing the y-pipe, etc) as changing to a dual exhaust.

    You should get a bit more power as well as the added benefit of some reduced heat under your seat.

    It may not be in your plans, but if you are like me, I like to keep my modifications simple and kill as many birds with as few stones as possible.

    Ride safely.
  9. sal359

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    bike already has duals. Where is the cam position sensor located? Is it in the nose cone? Do I have to drain the crankcase oil to remove the nose cone?
  10. BUBBIE

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    NO oil to Drain.

    It is on the right side of the engine,,, Wire coming out of the nose cone Below thru a rubber grommet.YES in the nose-cone.

    I sent you a PM late last night. It asked you to check the oil filter side of your bike to see IF you had a Crank sensor on the front of that engine?? LOOK, outside and JUST below the oil filter.

    I(we) don't think so but ?

    the nose cone is dry and Just the small emblem center NOT the whole outside Cam Cover needs to come off..


    TRY THIS to look at ..... AnimatedPiston Animated Piston Evo Engine - Animated Motorcycle Engines

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