1997 Soft tail springer salt water flooded

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by blue_492, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. blue_492

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    Looking for electrical component layout to ID part needed to start and save motor.
    One component on frame behind oil tank that looks like a relay that clips into a plastic holder about one inch square, is well corroded, need to ID part. Bike is not getting spark to plugs

    Also trying to get water out of crankcase, there is no drain plug in this EVO, tried using suckson tube thru timing hole, did not work. Oil tank has fresh oil and left oil filter off.

    Any Help would be appropriated!
  2. Hoople

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    If no spark, could be a few things. Do you have battery power on the white/black wire at the coil while cranking. Did you clean the 8 position ignition module connector?
    Same with Cam position sensor. Was that 3 position connector disconnected and cleaned?

    For no spark, the 1st thing you want to check is having power on that white/black wire at coil during cranking.
  3. Redfish-Joe

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    Hoople is the man for the electrical. I think I would thoroughly flush the system with diesel to help remove all contaminants.
  4. HDDon

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    How much of the engine and bike were flooded by salt water? If the wiring harness or carb went underwater, or the bike was running when the saltwater flooded it, you probably don't want to try and start it. Salt water will damage electrical components quickly and if salt water got into the motor you will ruin the cylinder walls. A complete motor disassembly is the only way to keep from serious damage. All connectors and electrical components will need to be checked also. Since you say it is not getting spark this may be a little late. Vehicles that go underwater are usually totaled by the insurance co.
  5. lordharold

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    you should see the episode of American chopper where the 911 bike was under salt water. For the short amount of time everything was corroded badly.
  6. Jack Klarich

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    If salt water got in the crank case you will want to remove the plugs, shoot some Marvel Mystery oil down the cylinders, fill the oil tank with same or Kerosene. Jack up rear of bike, put in high gear and rotate the wheel. It will take a lot of turning but if you can pump this through the engine and out the filter opening you may get the salt water out. I would not start the motor until you are sure you have gotten all the water and kerosene out. Remove and clean the overhead tappet screen also. Run a compression test before starting just to be safe and sure you have no broken rings. I am thinking the relay you mentioned may be the starter relay, Hoople will know, Good Luck
  7. Hoople

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    I answered the post but didn't really read the thread title. Salt flooded as in submerged? If really submerged, you could have continuous on-going problems that never seem to quit. All the switches, connector pins, relays, and sockets will probably be forever giving you intermittent issues. Sorry to hear about that happening to your bike.