1997 HD FLH failures after 50 miles

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  1. Phantomaoc

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    1997 HD FLHTCUI with 29,000 actual miles. After riding over 50 miles, when I come to a stop, engine studders, misfiring, oil pressure drops, tried to check code on engine light with no results. If I ease the throttle up, and slowly take off it smooths out. Checked and made sure ignition switch was replaced during recall and it was. This has occurred 3 times so far, with outside temps in 80s. beginning to wonder with lowers, if it is getting hot?:(
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    Welcome to the Forum, I asume this is fuel injected? Have a look here Harley Davidson Forums
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    Any mods. to the bike? Any trouble while under way? How long has it been this way?
  4. Jack Klarich

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    [​IMG] Have a lookk here, can you replicate the problem when engine is warm? Try blowing cool air past the cone area, once cooled down does it start back up and run OK til hot again? Check for breaks and or melted wires coming out of the nose cone also
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    Yes it is injected.

    Bike had straight through fishtail exhaust, I removed them and installed stock exhaust.

    I will try.
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    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    You, Wondering if Too Hot?

    Were you in traffic or open road when this happens?

    IF open road I doubt the over heat using the Lowers BUT the fish-tails on the other hand, were a good move to get off that bike as they Would contribute to over heat, running too lean.

    Straight thru, no mufflers, mostly will Run Lean and NO Needed Back-Pressure,,,Too Lean even on an EVO.

    See how it runs with them off and get back here to let us know.

    The lower oil pressure was probably a fact of lower stumbling Idle... IF lower pressure after up and smooth OFF IDLE, It may be Over Heat. If so, you might think remove lowers when HOT out and install an Oil cooler. I have a 6 row jagg thermo mounted on my down tubes on the filter side but on my TC 09 King. They really run HOT...

  7. Phantomaoc

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    Capt. Jack, I inspected the Timing sensor, and it was not mounted properly, so it could be adjusted. I remounted it, which has changed the timing. Will try it tomorrow to see if problem solved. Thank you.

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  8. Jack Klarich

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    [​IMG] Check and clean # 15 once you get the bike to run properly:s Overhead tappet screen, it prevents trash from getting to the top end of engine
  9. Phantomaoc

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    Did that after changing oil again last week. Thanks.
  10. Jack Klarich

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    Have you tried this for stored codes
    1-turn ignition key switch to ignition and then turn off 1 second after fuel pump stops.
    2.repeat #1 again..remember 1 second after pump stops
    3.turn ignition key switch to ignition and wait about 8 seconds for a bunch of flashing of the check engine light
    it will then stop for 2 seconds..get ready... these are the codes you must count:
    it will slowly flash 1,2,3,5....there is NO 4....this is the first digit of the 2 digit code ..so it can only be 1,2,3,5 __ __
    then a 2 second pause...then you will get second digit of the 2 digit code..it can only be 1,2,3,4,5,6
    remember after the complete 2 digit code is given you will go back to the rapid flash sequence..
    there are a total of 15 codes available with this procedure
    52,53,54,55 bad news ECM replacement
    56 crank/cam sensor
    11 throttle sensor
    12 barometric
    23 and 32 are injectors front/rear
    24 coil
    33 fuel pump relay--in this case you would not hear the pump but instead waited 3 seconds after the on / off sequence
    in order to erase any codes you must disconnect the battery or wait for 50 on and off riding cycles