1995 Ultra won't start when hot

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    Starts ok when engine is cold but after riding or just letting it warm up while idling it won't start. Starter cranks the engine over ok and the check engine lamp works like it is supposed to. Also the fuel pump runs for 2 seconds like it is supposed to when the ignition switch is turned on. I checked for trouble codes and am getting 23 & 32 which are the front & rear injectors. Could bad injectors be causing my problem?
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    To Clear Magnetti Morelli codes yourself.

    Disarm alarm if so equipped.
    Run/Off switch to OFF
    Ignition Key: ON,OFF,ON,OFF,ON (and leave ON)

    Press LEFT turn signal switch TWICE. Wait for 1 or 2 flashes..(either 1 or 2 is OK)

    Press RIGHT turn signal switch ONCE => turn signal will flash 1 time

    Press RIGHT turn signal switch ONCE => turn signal flashes 2 times

    Press RIGHT turn Signal switch ONCE => turn signals flash 3 times

    Press LEFT turn signal switch ONCE. TROUBLE CODES WILL NOW BE DISPLAYED (stream)

    TO CLEAR ANY CODES,,,=> PRESS & HOLD LEFT signal switch for 5 seconds. => turn
    signal will now flash twice to confirm memory is clear.

    Turn ignition OFF.

    Try clearing the codes and see if they come back right away, also check the wires to the injectors for rubs and or breaks

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    Hi Jack thanks for the reply I tried to clear the ECM using your instructions but it didn't work. I think because my bike was the first year Harley came out with fuel injection they hadn't incorporated that procedure in the system. My manual says the ECM can be cleared by using the Scanalyzer (which I don't have) or after 20 starts. Here is some background on the bike. I have not had any problems to speak of until last year when it had 93,000 on it the engine had a major problem so I put a new one in through Harley's reman program. Last year I put 5,000 more miles on the bike with no problems. Then this spring I went out to go for a ride and the fuel pump didn't come on at all. After turning the ignition switch on and off several times it came on several times then failed again. Because the pump was the original one I figured I just as well replace it. After replacing the pump it ran a lot quieter than the old one so I took the bike out for 10-15 miles. When I got home and shut the bike off and tried to restart it cranked over good but wouldn't hit or try to start. After cooling off for 15 minutes it started right up like normal. After starting it idled up then came down to a normal idle and ran ok. After warming up idling I shut it off and it did the same thing, wouldn't start. Because of the age on the sensors I went ahead and changed the crank position sensor and because I already had a new cam position sensor I changed it also. This didn't fix the problem. I really don't know where to go from here so I really appreciate any help.
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    With that many miles, could be the main circuit breaker. The get old and tired from the heat and lose their capacity so when the get hot they will trip. Let her cool down and she will re-start. May not be the problem but very common with the early models. Usually takes longer than 15 minutes for a weak breaker to trip but still think it worth checking out.
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    Thanks dolt I will check out the breaker. Would I check it a voltage drop check with a VOM or is there a better way?

    I think I have an IAC if my Idle Speed Control Actuator is the same thing. I will get the Carb cleaner and clean it and see what happens. I can see it moving so I know it isn't dead so maybe just dirty. Thanks for the info.
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