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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by oldmanair, Feb 14, 2011.

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    Ok guys I have a 1992 FLSTC, in that gourgeous Teal/Turquoise and Cream color with 24000. original miles. This low mileage thing is MY FAULT, I admitting it up front so no yelling at me. So when I go down the freeway at 70mph all is well, I'm on stock gearing, when I go to 75+ the bike seems to cut out a bit? It seems to hesitate almost misfire in a way. Sometimes it will even loose a few MPH and "sort of even buck back and forth a bit". Then I slow down for awhile then back on the gas again and all is well. Then out of the blue the bucking sarts up again and I loose MPH?
    Ignition or fuel?
    I just dont know where to start. Please help with your thoughts
    And thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    when was last time u did fuel filters
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    How old are the fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, plug wires?
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    I think the guys are on the right track. I would go the fuel route FIRST, cause it is the easiest. Drain the tank, take the petcock out and clean it. Rinse out the tank and then dry it. Change out the fuel hose and the vacuum hose to the VOES. Drop the float bowl and clean that out good. Take the cap off the bottom of the accelerator pump and make sure the diaphram is OK.

    Button everything back up, refill the tank half way (so if you have to drain it again, there is less there!) and try it.

    If it is still givin' you problems, come back an let us know. Then we'll embark on the ignition trouble shootin'.

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    If it backfires after it picks back up, probably ignition (fuel without fire). No backfire, fuel (fire without fuel). You are getting some good advice on what to check if it isn't backfiring.
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    If this bike is stock and the carb has never been touched it is time to re jet it you are probably running too lean, does the bike hiccup too, that is a sure sign of too lean CV Carb Rejet Pics - Harley Davidson Community this will show you what I mean:s
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    If the carb has not been touched since new it i would think it may be over due for a rebuild kit

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    Do not put the same gas back in!!! Put fresh fuel in.
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    This will sound crazy have you ever tried to loosen your fuel cap when this happens. My friends FXRT was doing some thing like you explain the fuel cap vent was clogged dust and dirt. Made some wierd things happen.