140HP 2007 dyna wide glide

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    I am looking for modifications to make to my bike to get around 140-150 HP out of it. It is a 2007 fxdwg with the 96" twin cam motor. So far it has vance and hines side shots and a dynojet power commander III. I think i would like to build it using a procharger. Does anyone have experience with these? What all parts do i need to make the power i am looking for? What comp ratio and how much boost? Also what other mods do i need to make to keep it reliable?
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    Honestly if you want that much from a Harley it's going to cost you dearly.It cannot be done with the stock crankshaft.Period.Just bolting on a blower will not give those numbers.I don't care what the manufacturer says.With those HP numbers it's going to be a finicky weekend bike.Do you have a pickup truck?Willing to run race fuel at $15+ per gallon?You're asking a lot from your Harley.Buying another brand or building from the ground up is a better path for that neighborhood.
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    Since Harley now owns MV Agusta you should buy F4-R 312. It has 183hp and is only $24,000 or a BRUTALE 910R. The Brutale has about 140 and is $17,000... Or a limited addition F4CC with 195hp, only $120,000

    If a Harley puts a smile on your face when you ride it... Any of these MVs will make you smile and then some....
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  3. i talked to the guys from procharger today and they said that they will have the kit for my bike ready to ship in about 3-4 weeks if i want to order it. He said it would add about 45-50 HP to a stock bike with 10 PSI of boost. He said changing to a little bigger cam would put it in the 135HP range or changing to a 103 with ported heads and different pistons would get me about 150HP with a 9.5 to 1 comp ratio. The kit runs $4995.00. i know i need to change the bearing to a timken style but what else would need to be changed? If the crank is the weak point then what HP is it good for? If i decided not to do the procharger yet what mods would you guys say to do on lets say a $8,000.00 budget?
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    AND bugger up your back.How do you tell an F4 owner?
    He's the guy that takes 15 minutes to straighten up after he falls off at each fuel stop.:bigsmiley24:

    Nice bike,though.
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    Ok after all that don't be discouraged. This is not a big horspower forum. since i've been shot down before. Going with a procharger is what i would like to say less reliable. go with a naturally aspirated engine. I currently am pushing 120 hp 115 ft lbs of torque out of my 95 in. 2005 fxst. it did cost me though roughly depending on who you know. it cost me around $6,000 it can run you over $7,000 just to achieve that. There is a guy in new york that takes sporter motors for dirt track racing and is pushing around 200 hp. so it can be done.; He works out of the harley dealership in Newburgh,NY
    and yes i am runnig pump gas i also have friend who is pushing around 150 hp and was looking for 160 hp and also is runniing pump gas. they do run better with 105 octane pump gas but 93 is more accessible and cheaper.
    check out this webistie for there ideas.

    NIGHTRIDER.com - Motorcycle Performance Information
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    There is an article in the Nov.2008 issue of American Iron called "Drew's Dyna" on the tech sheet in the article he has a 126 CI pumping out 156HP.Might be a place to start for some ideas.
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    Fisher doesn't know what he's talking about, the cranks in Twin cams are very strong,if your going after huge HP just make sure they are trued.Perkins Performance in Richland Center Wisc. can build you a 113 in. Twin Cam motor that is very streetable with 144 HP. And the price tag in 2006 anyway was $4800.00
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    I agree with Hobbit here, Fisher does KNOW what he's talking about.
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    I agree with Hobbit and SeaRider here. Fisher does know what he's talking about when it comes to engines, the cranks are FAR form being able to hold that kind of power without truing and welding. The 96 cranks are about the poorest production part when it comes to major engine parts that Harley has ever put out.