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    My Garmin GPS unit came with a 12 volt adapter plug that is longer than the usual 12 volt adapter plug because it contains circuitry for receiving traffic reports. I can fit the plug into the 12 volt cigarette lighter outlet on my 09 Road Glide but the end of the plug touches the gas tank and it will rub against it due to the vibration of riding.

    I've ordered a replacement plug from Garmin that doesn't have the circuitry for receiving traffic reports and it should be short enough to use. If it isn't, then I'm going to have to wire a separate 12 volt adapter outlet to the battery. Is there a name for the widget that has a 12 volt outlet on one end and two bare wires on the other end? Once I know the name, I can do a web search to find one. Thanks.

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    Generally, most modern accessories use 3V or so. Even though the cigar/socket is bulky you can use the HD catalong to get the "official" covered cigar/accesory socket just fine. I know they are a little bulky, but then you can use any brand name charing/power cord.
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    The adapter that comes with battery tenders has the two terminal ends that go on positive and negative terminals and a two pronged plug at the other. If you could get a connector that would plug in to that with wires to splice into, would that work for you Jim? If not, maybe a Radio Shack would have something that would do the trick.
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