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    I had the 103 kit w/the s.e 255 cams installed on my bike last December. I have stock heads and Hooker tuned flow slip-ons and the new pro-sert.

    I recently had it dyno'd (3 pass run) and was disappointed with my numbers. It got 78hp and 94tq. I've been told that the stock heads would need work done to get those numbers much higher. Dyno was done at a harley dealership nearby as there are no local dyno's in my area. Next option is 200 miles at Latus Harley for a custom map. Don't mind the 200 mile trip to Latus Harley but don't want to spend the $ if it's the heads that need work.
    I have two local indy's here in town, both harley certified that use different shops for head work. One uses Baisley hi-performance in Portland Oregon and the other uses Branch o'keefe in California.
    I would like to get hp in the 90's+ and tq closer to 100ft pds.
    Is that unrealistic?
    I want power in the 2500-3500 rpm range which I was told is ideal for the s.e 255 cams and 550 lift. Should have gone gear drive but that will come down the road. Lots of hills and mountains where I live and I want to be able to "pull" up them hills rather than creep, especially riding 2 up.

    Looking for feedback on Baisley or Branch heads. Thanks for any help regarding these two company's and my expectations of 90+hp and 100+tq.:57:
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    Thanks Hobbit.
    Latus Harley also suggested I switch pipes to a 2-1.
    They recommended the bassani boarzilla pipes.
    I just like the look of dual pipes better on my bagger. New pipes run about the same as head work, about 950.00.
    I was leaning towards head work since I have already invested in the hooker pipes.
    Which direction should I go, pipes or head work? I like the sound of my pipes now that I got most of the decel pop gone.
    Your numbers look great! I'm sure that would increase my grin factor a lot:D
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    The heads play a very big part in the engine builds. After 06, the heads were improved but a good porting will bring the numbers up much more respectably for you. Heads and cams are the two things that wake the newer motors up.
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    I've got the stock 96 with stage one breather, race tuner, 255 cams, and rush slip on and got 82.14hp and 99.64tq. I think with the 103 you should be seeing higher numbers.
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    Thanks Glider,
    When I decide to have the heads worked on should I be worried about crank run-out issues to develop. When I spoke with Baisley performance they said my compression would be set to 9.5:1 with my mild cams (se255's).
    I would have loved to put in more aggressive cams to begin with, even gear driven cams but at the time I opted for the more convenient route since I didn't have the funds for head work and higher lift cams. I ride consistently within the 2500 to 3500 rpm range which is where I like the power-band so to speak. The 103 kit seemed to make sense at the time. I have several friends who are having problems with their gear driven cams. With the tolerances so specific on the gear drive cams and run out issues on these cranks I was concerned.
    I am actually pleased with the Tq. I get while on level road, just not so much up a long hill or mountain pass. I need more HP.

    Am I just wasting money in my search for power by not going for higher compression?
    At what point does one bite the bullet and need to worry about cranks, INA bearings etc.? Whats this black bearing I'am hearing about? Is this a recent improvement or not much of one? I'm not looking to build a monster, just want it to last and be a blast to ride. This will be a winter project for sure and there goes my fancy paint job funds. Also, thanks for the advice on the compensator. Looks like I may be looking to replace that as well.

    B.T.W, I don't have any issues with my crank yet. :small3d007:

    I love this quote: In any conflict between knowledge and ignorance,
    ignorance has the edge, because knowledge is limited, but
    ignorance is not...
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    Thanks Hobbit,
    Sounds like I'll be doing head work and getting a proper dyno tune.
    Should be all I need. Just trying to avoid the I should have done this or that while the bike was apart. I like knowing my options before hand. :cheers
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    I put the 103" stage 2 kit with the 255 cams in my RG & I used the stock heads with V&H true duels & did the custom mapp & I have all the power & TQ that I will ever need . I ride in the western states all winter and never had a problem with any grade . I have rode 2 up with my daughter all the time , we do 7% grades 10 miles long or better in 6th gear @ 60 - 65 mph & the bike pulls just fine & I can turn the throttle & increase speed just fine . Me or my daughter are no light weights & I estimate the total weight to be around 1,350 & power or TQ has never been a problem . I can drop down to 40 mph in 6th gear & pull out of it with no chugging or hesitation , I checked it out just to see what it could do . I would save the $$ that is needed for the head work & just get a custom mapp & you should be happy , if you ever need to tear the top end down get your heads worked on then . A custom mapp gave my RG over 107 lb of TQ @ 85 hp , my starting # were 93.5 lb TQ @ 73.5 hp . I was told that the 96" produces lower HP # but it has higher TQ # , I do not know for sure it that is true but I am very happy with my bike .